Back to Normal with McCain

We love Fish and Chip Friday in our house, it is our weekly treat and one the girls really look forward to.  In fact I am pretty certain if you were to ask the ultimate question 'Daddy or Chips?' both girls would answer chips.  Now that Christmas and the festive period is out the way, we are getting back into our normal routine and back to our traditions, like Fish and Chip Friday.

It is nice getting back into a routine again and getting back to normal, but with it comes the girls after school clubs and the need to make quick and easy dinner.  When McCain got in touch with their back to normal campaign, I instantly knew I wanted to be involved.

I thought this a great opportunity to share our simple fish cakes that are quick, easy and fun to do with the children and are great when accompanied by McCain Chips, particularly their Crispy Sweet Potato Fries


To make Fish cakes:

1x tin tuna
1x tin Salmon
3x eggs
125g Mozzarella [shredded]
3x chopped spring onion

Plus McCain chips

Ingredients for Fish and Chip friday


1. Pre heat the oven for your McCain Chips
2. Mix together in a bowl all ingredients for Fish cakes.  The oats are only needed if the mixture is not thick enough.
3. If Mixture does not stick together, then add oats a few at a time until the mixture is thick and can stick together
4. When over is hot enough add McCain Chips.
5. Add oil to a Frying pan, and ensure pan is hot.
6.When pan is hot, spoon fish cake mixture into pan [in balls] to make individual fish cakes.
7. Fry for a few minutes before turning over
8. When golden on both sides fish cakes are ready.  They should only take a few minutes
9. Remove cooked McCain chips from oven.
10. Serve Fish cakes and Chips together, and Enjoy

McCains chips and fish cakes

You can add a variety of ingredients into the fish cakes to alter the taste, different fish, peas or even chopped spinach or kale.  If the mixture is too thick add another egg and use oats to re thicken.  The fish cakes can also be made to different sizes to suit different sized tummies! 

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  1. Ohh! Yum! This sounds and looks like a delicious meal.
    Earlier in the week I was in Iceland and nearly picked a bag of those Sweet Potato Fries up but I didn't as I had no room in my freezer. I will be next time :D x


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