Some modern interiors ideas

Spring is in the air and with it the desire to clean and unclutter.  The house begins to be filled with the warmer spring air and the house is seen in a new light.  A desire to update, or simply refresh is felt and we begin searching for the latest trends.

I’ve been looking around the internet to see what modern room themes could work for my home and whether it’s the latest industrial kitchen chic, or even the luxurious range of TV beds, it looks like there’s lots of fun to be had.

Keeping it minimal

With the imminent arrival of Thing 3, I have been trying to have a bit of a declutter.  Tidying each room and donating to charity unused items.  A third child means more clothes, toys and baby items and so space is at a premium.  I have tried to keep the nursery as clutter free as possible and make best use of the space available.

The nursery

Making a statement

One of the big things about modern interiors is the way that they’re not afraid to make a big statement through a particular piece of furniture or aesthetic motif. For example, this bedroom uses just a few bold items such as a bright red bedside table and a striking contemporary painting to provide bursts of colour against the cool and classy decor.  There are, of course, few better ways to make a statement than by investing in a modernist piece of furniture. It could be a striking bedside cabinet or a fun globe chair, and also there are cheap TV beds available at the Bedstar website that are the perfect example of how modernist furniture can be seriously luxurious, as well as stylish and chic.

Futuristic themes

Implementing technology in a thoughtful manner is another way to give your decor a modern revamp. Whilst I hate endless cables and power adaptors trailing over our living room, by narrowing down all of the clutter into a few multipurpose devices, it can suddenly make our homes feel a little more modern.

I would love a new kitchen but it is a little out of our budget at the moment, I do love this modern kitchen that features industrial touches such as shiny metallics that are nicely contrasted to the retro mint green lamps.

Whether it’s a nice and bright new colour scheme, or even an extravagant new TV bed, there’s much that can be done to give our homes that extra special modern touch!

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