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I love to give gifts that are unique and personalised, as I personally feel they add an extra special touch.  I am currently looking for gifts to give the girls from the new baby and also gifts for Easter.  They get a lot of chocolate from family so I prefer to give them something a little different.

Create me Books allow you to create a personalised children's books for little ones (ages 2-7).  With our love for reading I knew these would be a great gift for the girls.  The first step in the ordering process is adding the childs name, followed by the gender and finally a personal message.  I love the touch of adding a personalised message, as the book can then be given for any occasion.  

The personalisation process then takes you through to character options.  You can choose not only the hair colour, but skin colour and clothes.  Again, a great idea to help add more of a personalised touch to make your child the star of the story.  If like me you create a book for each child, each book can be slightly different for each child making them feel extra special.  Once personalisation is finished you can then preview the final book.  The whole process is very quick and easy to do.

A story for a boy does vary slightly to that for a girl, but overall the story follows the same theme.  From ordering to printing and delivery takes around 10 days, which for a personalised book I find a good turn around time.  

create me books

The books are of a great quality and high print finish.  The characters in the book have a fun cartoon style to them, which appeals to the girls.  They love spotting their names throughout the book and listening to the story.  The story is the same in each of the girls book, but with the difference of names and characters.  Overall I am very happy with the books and the girls love them.

I am very pleased to be able to give away a Create me book.  This will be a code to receive a book for free.  To enter simply follow the details on the widget below, which also contains full terms and conditions. 

Create me Books

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