The first half of half term

To say I have been a little worried about this half term would be an understatement.  Normally I have half term all planned including day trips for the girls, but this time things are slightly different.  Pregnancy would not normally stop me, but this time I do not feel up to venturing too far.  Baby is already 3/5 engaged and I actually feel as if they have dropped even more and so I want to stay close to home.  

My youngest daughter asked today if it is going to rain everyday of the school holidays, I can see her point.  It has so far been a very wet, miserable school holidays and trying to find ways to entertain the girls is limiting.  We are now almost half way through and I wanted to capture what we have been up to.  

Our NumberBundle boxes have been amazing at keeping the girls entertained, and a review is coming shortly

big or small?

We have had dress up fun, watched DVD and had a Maya the Bee themed day

bee smiles

We have even got the last few things ready for Thing 3.

bump and bed

Mornings have been spent taking it easy, which makes a welcome change from the normal school rush.  The girls love playing in water and love the chance to have a bath in the morning.  It also gives me time to relax.

daughter after bath

I asked the girls what they wanted to do during half term and one of the requests was to the local soft play.  I miss chasing them through the soft play, but they seemed to have lots of fun running around and even making friends!

play at soft play

Today however I think they had got a bit fed up of playing inside and I got the impression they wanted to ride their bikes!  Whilst we did venture out, they didn't stay out long as the rain came pouring down.

ride bikes

The girls are off to stay with Grandma tomorrow as I have to go into hospital.  I am really nervous about how tomorrow will go but I am trying to look at the positive, another chance to see Thing 3!

Half way through half term already and whilst the weather may have been rubbish the girls seem to be having fun!

This day I love the first half of half term.

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