Keeping children safe whilst out

I think it is every parents worst nightmare to think that your child could get lost when you are out and about.  Older children are more capable of finding help but younger children in particular are more vulnerable.  All children go through a phase of exploring and wandering off, it is part of the curiosity of childhood but it does not stop that heart sinking moment.

Both my girls know their address and where they live but if we were on holiday they would be unsure what to do.  I guess the same applies if we were to visit somewhere for the day.  In an attempt to help reunite my girls with me, should they decide to wander or we get separated, they have both been given kooliobandz.  Kooliobandz are children identity wrist bands and come in a variety of sizes.  They are fully waterproof and skin friendly. 

The wrist bands provide complete anonymity and work 24/7 in any country and any language.  Each wristband features a web address and a unique code.  If a child is found the person who finds them goes to the website and enters the unique code, which then sends a message to your phone.  The code on the wrist band is completely random so cannot be guessed and the site holds only your mobile number and one alternative number, meaning there is no identifying information.  

Kooliobandz charge no subscription fee, so you only pay for the price of the band (9.95euros for 2 bands).  You do need to visit the site to register the band to your child.  For every purchase of a Kooliobandz 45p is donated to Make a Wish.  They are available to purchase both online at Kooliobandz website and from Boots.  

Make a Wish are a charity which grant magical wishes to children and young people with life-threatening conditions.  These wishes can be anything from meeting a hero, to a holiday to simply being a princess for a day.  Granting these wishes give the child and their family much needed family time away from the daily struggles faced with such serious conditions. 

Kooliobandz are such a simple idea to help reunite a child if lost.  The girls love to wear their wristbands and I have peace of mind knowing I can be contacted should they get lost, no matter where we are in the world.  It is also wonderful to know that each Kooliobandz are helping to support granting wishes for children and young people with life threatening conditions. 

Thank you to Make a Wish for sending a Kooliobandz for each girl in exchange for this post, all words are my own opinion. 

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