World Book Day costume ideas

World book day is fast approaching again.  You would assume that as my girls love to read that we would have no problems in deciding upon a costume for World book day, however the opposite is perhaps true.  I am almost 39 weeks pregnant and whilst I would love to make a costume for the girls I simply am not feeling up to it.

I have been looking around for costumes for the girls and have found a few I really like.


Morphsuits are all in one suits which look fantastic.  They include a hood which goes over the face and I was not sure if they would make a suit suitable for children.  I have however found a selection of suits that fit even my youngest daughter.  They are all in one suits which are easy to put on, comfortable to wear and the girls think they are absolutely fantastic.  They have no problems seeing through the hoods.

Tiger and a bear

They have both been running around the house making 'Roar' sounds and have really got into the characters.  They would make perfect costumes for world book day and am thinking 'The Tiger who came to tea' and 'Goldilocks and the Three bears'


A few weeks ago my eldest dressed up as a dinosaur and really loved it.  She has been asking if I can find her a dinosaur costume again for her to dress up in.  I love the Raptor toddler costume here  and feel it would be a great costume for World Book day, and they could be Hocus Pocus Diplodocus 


A Princess

The girls both have their very own personalised books from Create Me books, you can win one here, and are each featured as a Princess in the books.  

girls own princess books

I think it would be really great for them to go as the Princess from their very own book.  I found two princess dresses that match these in the book from the Disney store, who also have 25% off costumes and accessories.

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