J - the Jack Russell part of the Royal Canin Royal family

When we first made the decision to get a dog we originally wanted a Labrador as my husband had had one as a child.  We researched the breed and decided that we simply did not have the space needed.  That was when we met J and it was love at first sight.

J is a long legged Jack Russell terrier.  He displays many of the characteristics you associate with terriers and some people perhaps do not think about.  

They make fantastic guard dogs.  Their bark makes them appear bigger than they are which acts as a great deterrent,

Despite their small size they love exercise and have a lot of energy.  J is my running partner and comes with me on all my training runs.  

J is incredibly loving with the girls.

They require little to no grooming and shed a minimal amount of fur.  They are easy to look after health wise, with regular worming and flea treatments, and dental care like all dogs.  J also adores water and so is really easy to bath.

As a breed they are incredibly loyal and protective towards their owners.  They like both their own space but also to be cuddled. 

As they have a lot of energy they love to play games.  They are however incredibly intelligent so you do need to vary your games to keep their interest.  J loves balls and will spend hours chasing them and fetching them.  We also hide his ball around the house and garden and ask him to find it.  He also loves bubbles.

They aim to please and will work for their treats.  Training can be a little tricky though as they do have their own mind but perseverance is key.  

The terrier breed naturally hunts, and they are attracted to small moving objects in particular squirrels.  They will hunt and chase them.

This instinct means they also love anything that squeaks and will aim to remove the squeak from said object as quick as possible. 

J is a really loving member of the family.  He knows his own mind and is incredibly intelligent.  You can read more about the breed here

Do you have a dog and if so what are they like?

‘This post has been made possible thanks to Royal Canin, but all thoughts are my own’.

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