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For those following me on Twitter you will have seen we took part in a Go Jetters Twitter party on Thursday afternoon. As always the two hours seem to fly past rather quickly and there are always lots of prizes to be won. For this party we had 2 people in addition to the girls, however I have been asked not to share their images online.

We had the Go Jetters DVD playing during the whole Twitter party, the kids could then sit and watch or take part in activities or do a bit of both. The Go Jetters provide useful facts about different locations, which we discussed on Thursday. In particular the guests all asked questions about Egypt and the pyramids. One of their recent school topics was shapes and so they spoke amongst themselves about the shapes they recognised which was lovely to hear. The DVD is great value for money featuring plenty of episodes to keep them entertained.

We had prepared biscuits before hand, and they were rather yummy.

Our guests loved taking part in each activity and in particular our Go Jetters hunt. For this we used the Go Jetters jet pad which is new from fisher price.

The jet pad headquarters has rolling wheels, so it can be pushed along and it plays sounds, phrases and the theme song. What is really clever about the jet pad is the projector. This projects images of the location, and when opened the projector flips to project inside the jet pad.

There are seats for each of the Go Jetters, slide, stairs and a hidden compartment for storing G.O. Boots and G.O. Grab. This is a must have for all go Jetters fans.

The jet pad was flown around the room but it wasn't long before the Go Jetters needed to use the Vroomster to explore further. The Vroomster also plays the theme song and has phrases, the windshield can be illuminated with a green light and there is space for all four Go Jetters inside. The side boosters also pop out allowing the Go Jetters to jump on and ride.

In our house one of the girls takes the Vroomster and the other the jet pad. They seem happy to share and take it in turns, but they love that they both have a vehicle which flies and can fit all of the Go Jetters inside. The Vroomster comes with Xuli and the jet pad Kyan, but you can purchase all of the figures individually to build your collection.

After playing place the Go Jetter in the Vroomster we played weather bingo. We also used this opportunity to play with the G.O. Force weather launcher. Weather disks are placed in the launcher and when the handle is pulled back they shoot out, allowing you to in-glitch landmarks using the weather elements. There are five weather elements in total, and this has been one of the favourite toys of all the guests.

Before we knew it the party had finished and it was time to say goodbye, each of our guests went home with a Go Jetters goody bag. We are looking forward to the next Twitter party and of course watching Go Jetters on cbeebies.

The new toy range is available from Argos

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