Wild and free

With the gorgeous weather we decided to make the most of our day and head out for lunch.  I wanted to head somewhere that I could have a play with my new camera, a Canon EOS 1300D, and somewhere to let the girls play.  Also somewhere with no admission fee and that would serve food, a trip to Yorkshire Lavender was therefore in order.  I shall be writing a review of the Canon shortly, all the pictures in this post have been taken using the Canon.

We have visited Yorkshire Lavender in the past and it is such a wonderful place to explore.  Vibrant colours and wonderful smells, plus fantastic views, it is such a pleasure to visit there.  The girls love it because they can be children, free to explore and free to let their imaginations run wild.

girls running

Little man simply sat back and watched his sisters explore, his toes wiggling in the sunshine.

baby feet

As the girls played tag I sat on the grass chatting to Little Man and taking in the stunning views.

stunning views

One of the highlights for the girls, other than the ice cream, is the lavender maze.  After exploring and running through the grass fields and flower beds we headed over to tackle the maze.

girls playing

As you walk through the rows of lavender you begin to notice all the bees hard at work, who really seem to not care that you are walking right past them.  The smell of lavender fills the air as you begin to wander deeper into the maze.

bee in lavender

The girls took control, making decisions which way to turn to get to the middle and working together as a team.

heading into the maze

thinking in the lavender

tricky decisions

After many wrong turns, we made it to the centre.  Little man celebrated by trying to eat all the lavender he could grab.


I am trying to take photos with the children more and so put the auto timer on the camera to the test.  Little Man simply wanted to chat to his sister who was doing her best not to laugh at him

family photo

We found a bench at the other side of the grounds and sat and had lavender ice cream, the girls made the most of the space and once again ran round playing tag.

girls running in field

My youngest however spotted something at the bottom of the baking and kept calling us over to watch.  The girls went really quiet and sat down as I walked over to take a look.  They had found deer at the bottom of the banking and were both sat quietly watching them graze.

girls watching deer

We all had a wonderful day playing, exploring and of course eating ice cream.  The weather was glorious too and it is always a joy watching the girls play well with each other.

This day I love wild and free

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  1. Gorgeous photos. It looks like you had a fantastic day out.


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