Review : Tangle Teezer

I have incredibly thick hair.  I cannot grow it too long as the weight of it hurts my neck, especially when I wash it.  My hair brushes often have broken handles where I have pulled and tugged the brush through my hair.  To straighten my hair takes at least 30 minutes, and to do it properly a good hour.  I simply do not have the time, which is why it is usually tied up.

The girls hair is thick, but luckily not quite as thick as mine.  Even so brushing their hair can be a nightmare.  When Tangle Teezer suggested they might be able to help, it was an offer I could not turn down.

My eldest daughter likes to play with her hair in her sleep, and she also wakes up with interesting bed head.  Her hair can be quite tricky to brush through and she does not like to sit and have it brushed.  Our Tangle Teezer brush tackled it with no problems, there was minimal pulling but that was with a real knot that I was tempted to cut out.  Luckily the Tangle Teezer got through it and my daughters hair was tangle free.

My youngest daughter has a slightly different issue with her hair.  There is often food, sand, glue or whatever else she has done that day in her hair.  This can make for some interesting tangles and knots.  She absolutely hates having her hair brushed due to the amount of tangles within it and will not sit still, meaning I have to chase her round the house.  Whilst the Tangle Teezer did not stop my daughter from fidgeting it did tackle those very sticky knots and left her hair once again tangle free.

As for me, I was incredibly impressed at how easy the Tangle Teezer went through my hair not only when dry but wet too.  It tackled both with ease and certainly made brushing my hair a lot easier.  An additional bonus is there is no handle, which means I won't be left with a brush in my hair and the handle in my hand!

Thanks Tangle Teezer for sending us a Tangle Teezer to try!

All words are my own opinion 

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