Having a clear out ready for school to start

We are almost down to the finally week of the school holiday.  The girls are ready to go back to school and for some normality to return.  Whilst I miss the girls when they are at school I am also looking forward to getting my health back on track and to be able to tidy and give the house a good clean.

For the past week or so, we have been having a good tidy up.  Sorting through the school uniform to find what fits and what does not.  Making sure school shoes still fit, and school bags are in good order.  Checking PE kits, book bags and water bottles.  Those items that the girls no longer need for school or that no longer fit, but are in good condition we have put in bags for charity.

My eldest has also given her room a good clear out.  Her birthday is in August and so to make room for her birthday presents she has had a clear out of the toys she no longer plays with all ready to go to charity.

The girls are often told how lucky they are, and I try to encourage them to give to charity where possible.  I find it really satisfying having a good clear out and de-cluttering, and have even gone through my wardrobe to have a bit of a sort out, given that nothing fits as I am still much bigger than I was pre-pregnancy.

Oxfam had recently got in touch via Mumsnet, and so we headed to our local Oxfam shop to donate our items except it was no longer there! We did however find an Oxfam Collecting bank and so we gave our items in here.  It is a shame as we would have liked to have gift aid our donations.

girls donating goods
 Oxfam says: 

“The average household has a room full of clutter which they do not use. We’re all guilty of keeping completed books on the bookcase for far too long or cramming unused kitchenware into our cupboards. Well now is the time to be free. De-clutter to feel organised and in control.  Oxfam takes clothes, homeware, books and accessories that you no longer need and turns them into cash using our network of sorting warehouses and innovative recycling and reuse schemes. This well-needed cash, funds our work to fight extreme poverty around the world. Donations now go even further, with Gift Aid. This makes your donations worth an extra 25%, allowing us to reach more people in poverty. De-cluttering feels good but ending poverty feels even better"

When the girls return to school I will be going through and having a bigger clear out and am looking forward to freeing myself from stuff!  

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