Space maths puzzle

With the rain pouring down outside we opted for a day indoors.  The girls recently received a new maths puzzle with a space theme, and with 138 pieces was sure to provide some entertainment.  My eldest was rather pleased and with no picture to follow began assembling her own design.

The puzzle allows for imaginative use, there is no image to suggest a right way so the girls set about creating scenes. 

The size of each piece corresponds to the number upon it, so 2 is half the size of 4 which is double the size of 1.  

This is such a fun way to teach maths and numbers.  My youngest recognising the numbers and my eldest learning more complex maths, doubling, halves, quarters.  Even ways to make up a number so using a 4 and 2 piece would be the same as a 6 piece.  

The pieces are bright and colourful with quirky designs and characters on them.

The girls loved using their imagination to build the puzzle and without realising they were learning maths along the way!

The puzzle kept them entertained for most of the afternoon, a great fun way to encourage maths and problem solving!

The puzzle was sent for review, all words are my own opinion 

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