Ever so proud

Last night was a bad night, the girls were up until gone 11. Running around, screaming, fighting and generally making noise.  The dogs kept barking from all the commotion upstairs and Little Man just could not settle.  I knew we had an early start today in order to make parkrun and had resigned myself to a generally rubbish day with tired and cranky kids.  How wrong could I have been.

After park run, which my eldest daughter finished 2nd in her age category, we had a very important place to be.  The girls completed the reading challenge over the school holidays and were presented with a medal and certificate from the Mayor.  

The zebra, in case you wanted to know, is her class mascot.  She had been presented with it for getting star of the week in her class.  Her teacher said 'she had been simply amazing!' and also for doing good work in maths.  Another proud moment!

The day just got better and not to be out done by his sisters Little Man decided to get in on the action.

Only he was not content with just sitting and decided he might also like to go for a crawl too!

What a simply amazing day!!

This day I love ever so proud

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