Konfidence - getting in the water

Little Man loves water.  I had wanted to start swimming with him as I had with the girls from 6 weeks, but seemingly when it is your third child and you have two other children to organise it takes some time before you find swimming lessons to fit in with your other children and their time table.

Little Man however was very excited, kitted out in his new Konfidence swim wear we were ready to go.  first however he got distracted by the lockers and went to investigate.  His Konfidence swim wear did not restrict his movement whilst dry and he easily cruised along the lockers to investigate the keys hanging from them.

Little Man had the clown fish print for all his swimming gear, as I liked the pattern but there was plenty of choice including simple colours if you wished.  His Babywarma swimsuit was easy to get on and off and I could do so whilst he was standing up.  It wraps and fastens round him with velcro, and should I have needed to I could change his nappy without having to remove the whole suit.  When I took his suit off him to get dressed the water that came from him was lovely and warm, I know therefore he was warm in the pool.

The second we did get out the water he became interested once again in the lockers and he had no problems walking across to investigate even in wet swim gear.

In addition to his Babywarma swimsuit he also wore a Neo Nappy, which are compulsory in swim schools.  This over the top Neoprene nappy was one I was familiar with and can remember the girls wearing, it is designed to stop those unfortunate accidents in the water and is worn over the top of a swim nappy.  With the girls I had to search everywhere to find a reusable swim nappy, as I felt it such a waste to throw a nappy away after 30 minutes in the water.  Konfidence now have a reusable swim nappy and to make it even better it is a one size fits all option! [3 months to 30 months]

The AquaNappy has adjustable poppers and Velcros at the side, so you can adjust to fit your child.  Little Man seemed to enjoy wandering off in his as I tried desperately to get him dressed.  There was no need to add any inserts to it so it is ready to go straight from the packet and it can even be washed in the washing machine.

Little Man found it easy to move through the water and out of the water when both wet and dry! Even after several washes his kit still looks as good as new, which makes me really happy too!  We love going swimming together it is a great time for us to bond and after he usually has a big nap too!  His Konfidence kit is sure to last him for some time yet, which makes it great value for money, and I have to say I love the bright colours and patterns.

Thanks to Konfidence for sending the items mentioned in exchange for this post

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