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In just over a weeks time I am going to be taking on the Yorkshire marathon, again.  It is fair to say the first time I did this things did not go according to plan.  Still, an achievement completing a marathon and even more so pregnant, but this time that course and I have history.  A history so deep that I am now having mini panic attacks about it, I am not sleeping right and my head is playing the route over and over.  I have worked hard this time, train hard and am fuelling better than I was before.  I would say right, but I still love cake.

Mornings are perhaps the hardest to get breakfast right.  It involves rushing around trying to feed three children and the dog.  By the time I realise it is almost time for school and there is a mad dash to get dressed in time.  Breakfast though is the one to get right.  It is the one that sets you ready for the rest of the day.  The girls go to school on a full stomach, they can concentrate more on their work and not sat thinking about when it is lunch time.  They go to school with breakfast and they have more energy to concentrate and to play at play time.  I notice a difference in me too, I snack less if I have had a good breakfast and I have more energy to fuel my runs too, allowing me to run better.

Quick breakfasts that are healthy and low in sugar are difficult to find.  Ready Brek offers a solution that the whole family enjoy.  Made from wholegrain oats, it is rich in Calcium, Vitamin D and high in oat fibre.  It even has no added sugar or salt, given a bowl of Ready Brek is ready in under 90 seconds it is a quick and healthy breakfast.  

The smooth texture of Ready Brek makes it perfect for the whole family, even Little Man at 18 months enjoys it.  We can vary the taste of Ready Brek to suit our own individual preferences.  My eldest loves hers with honey, my youngest loves strawberries in hers and Little Man loves cinnamon and raisins in his.  

I have added Ready Brek into my banana and peanut smoothies to make it even more filling before I head out on my long runs.  Ready Brek is also versatile as it can be used in cooking.  It can be used in toppings for crumble, with melted butter for the base on a cheesecake or even in cookies to make Oatmeal and Raisin cookies.

See our Ready Brek morning here

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  1. Oh a pre-run smoothie that sounds a great idea. You will be awesome at your marathon. Your post running whilst pregnant really inspired me to keep going during my half.


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