Review : Schleich Tractor with trailer

Little Man has started making progress with his speech.  First he was more interested in developing his climbing skills but now communication seems to be his main priority.  It is lovely listening to him babble and make sounds, and more so that he now says Mummy.  We play daily with our Schleich animals as a way for Little Man to learn to recognise both animals and their sounds.  We take some animals in the bath too, one of the great things about Scheich is they can be used anywhere.

Using our Farm animals Little Man has been listening to me make random farm animals noises,  particularly cows, as we have a herd and he likes to check that each one makes the same noise.  Which probably explains his love for cows.  His first animal noise was to moo and point at the cows in the field.  I know that our creative play with our Schleich animals is working for his animal recognition.

His farm has got even better lately with the addition of a Tractor with trailer.  I must first point out that the recommended age is over 3, but Little Man is stubborn and so I supervise his play.  As you would expect from Schleich the quality is absolutely fantastic and certainly built to last.  Even with Little Man pulling and pushing on the tractor.

The large, chunky, grooved wheels are a real source of entertainment for him.  He hits and spins them, his fingers the right size.

The door open and shut with ease, and Little Man can put the farmer inside ready to drive the tractor.  Little Man then peers into the tractor and waves at the farmer, The transparent, break-resistant plastic is perfect for Little Man and his sometimes rather clumsy toddler fingers, he can see the farmer and easily open and close the doors to play.  Little Man has also spotted himself in the mirrors a few times too when he peers into the tractor!

Little Man also loves the moving front loader.  Perfect for picking up some of the farm animals or pretending to dig in the farm.

Sometimes Little Man has more animals to transport and the trailer comes in very handy for this.  All four sides can be put down or one at a time, meaning we can pretend to load in the animals for movement around our farm.

The trailer adds onto the tractor to allow it to be transported around the farm.  Little Man makes 'Brum Brum' noises as he moves the tractor and trailer around the farm yard.

Little Man loves his tractor and trailer and it has made a great addition to his farm yard.  He also has grown attached to 'moo' as he is called, as I often find him in his hand walking around the house. 

The tractor and trailer were sent for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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