The end of Summer

The cold weather seems to be on its way.  The school routine is back in full force and the dark nights seem to be slowly creeping earlier and earlier.  Reflective gear is now a requirement for running and the girls are wrapping up in more and more layers for school.

It feels like the Summer holidays were a life time ago, yet in reality the girls have been back at school for 3 weeks.  Those new uniforms I bought at the start of term are well and truly worn, the shoes are looking less shiny and homework is once again a normal part of our weekend.  Our weekends taken up with making the most of our time together and walking the dog.

Looking back over the summer holidays we filled it with so much fun.  Weekend trips to the seaside and long road trips to Scotland and to Brighton too.  A summer full of adventure, my youngest learning to ride a bike and Little Man growing in confidence.  

As we settle back into the school routine the girls have been eased in gently with some reading from Maverick.  Maverick have sent us two new titles:

Hamster Sitter Wanted - Tracy Gunaratnam and illustrated by Hannah Marks
Clumpety Bump - Phil Allcock and illustrated by Richard Watson

Hamster sitter wanted has become Little Mans book of choice recently.  I am not sure if it is the fantastic details in the illustrations or the humorous prose he likes, but either way he has a liking for this book.  I rather like the adventures Marco and Polo, clever names for 2 adventurers, get up to.  The question is can they find the perfect hamster sitter for their cousins?  Will it be a giraffe who practises Yoga? or a Sheep that knits? You will have to read the book and find out!

A book which has a character by the name of Wally Wobblebottom is certain to have both girls laughing out loud each time the book is read.  It never fails to make them giggle.  I tend not to read the story for bedtime as they do find it rather amusing.  My youngest is very similar to Clumpety Bump too, she loves to make people happy and she loves her food!  A book we can certainly relate to.

We now begin to look forward to Autumn.  The school routine well and truly in place.  Leaves will soon be lining the walk to school and the girls will soon be filling their pockets with conkers.  Whilst we certainly had a wonderful summer, it is also great to get back into a routine and hopefully I can tidy the house before half term! 

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