A new beginning with JYSK - Feel the happiness campaign

I recently published the survey results from the JYSK feel the happiness report and ranked number 1 was a clean and tidy house.  I love it when the house is clean and tidy and feel it much easier to relax.  Working from home and having three young children running around means this occurrence is rare. What also perhaps does not help is that I have no space to work, or no designated work area.

Before Little Man arrived I had an office, it was the small bedroom, and then the arrival of Little Man meant my office was converted into a nursery.  Each item from my office ended up in random rooms around the house, leaving me feeling rather disjointed.  I have longed for a space again that I can call my own, a place for me to work and where everything is all together.  A reorganisation of rooms has now meant I have a work space at long last.

First on the list was painting the walls a more neutral colour.  The girls wasted no time in helping.

daughter painting walls

Now the painting is complete I can begin to arrange the space. With the Danish-owned global furniture store, JYSK, opening its 2,500th store worldwide recently there were plenty of amazing products for me to choose from to complete the look I wanted.  I am wanting to create a cosy space, that whilst is productive for me to work in is also comfy and relaxing for the girls to sit with me whilst I do so.  Ultimately I would love to have plenty of storage space and a dedicated work space, whilst drawing inspiration from Hygge – the Scandinavian practice of making calming, peaceful, comfortable and beautiful spaces at home. JYSK are experts in sleeping and living and I found exactly what I was looking for.

I have measured and have space for a comfy sofa which means that although this will be my work area the girls can still come and keep me company. A beautiful desk to work at, which gives me a dedicated work area.  Most importantly plenty of storage space.  I cannot wait to share with you the finished area.  Keep an eye on YouTube for a video soon of me putting the office together!

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