Review : BABY born Wash Basin Water Fun

My youngest daughter loves her babies and she loves to take care of them. She dresses them every morning before school, often before getting herself ready and every night she gets them ready for bed. She keeps telling me she wishes she was older so she can be a proper Mummy. When we got out more often than not we have at least one of her babies with us strapped into the car seat in the car, or in the pushchair when we go for a walk. 

To aid her in looking after her babies she now also has a BABY born Wash Basin Water Fun. The BABY born Wash Basin Water Fun allows her to wash her babies and get them clean too. Whilst she is at school Little Man has also taken a liking to the Wash basin, mainly because of the lights and sounds but also because it has real water in it too.

The sink takes a minimal amount of water to work, but it provides hours of fun and also needs batteries. The sink has a removable cup and small pink toothbrush. When you remove this from the basin you hear the noise of brushing teeth. Little Man finds this rather amusing. I do watch him closely the entire time he has the toothbrush as it is rather small because it is designed for brushing Baby Born teeth. 

Of course once you have brushed your teeth then it is time to get a wash. By pushing down on the tap water comes out. 

Even at 2 years old Little Man can apply enough pressure to make water come out of the tap. Without the plug in the water simply runs back into the basin bowl.

The plug is a little yellow duck, which again Little Man finds really easy to put into the plug hole. This then allows water to stay in the sink so you can then wash your baby.

Once finished you can remove the duck to let the water drain away. There is a handy towel to dry baby or yourself on. Little Man the likes to check he is clean in the mirror, which lights up and plays sounds.

The BABY born Wash Basin Water Fun appeals to both my son at 2 years old and my daughter at nearly 6, so I would say it has a good range of ages. I like that you can use it as a tool to show children how to get ready by brushing teeth and washing faces with the use of their toys. My youngest loves that she has somewhere that is just for her babies and I think Little Man likes the fact he has somewhere to play with water inside! Overall this is a lovely accessory for any child who likes taking care of babies!

Thank you to Baby Born for sending the BABY born Wash Basin Water Fun for us to review, all words are my own opinion. 

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  1. What a lovely toy, I wish I had this as a child x


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