Autumn walks with Hotter Shoes #Hotterwalkies

I will openly admit to living in trainers. Once I have run a certain amount of miles in a pair of trainers they become my day to day shoes, until they fall apart and are no longer wearable. I guess that's just what I am used to. Trainers however do get a little cold now that the weather is turning, and it is time for something warmer.

Hotter shoes recently sent me a pair of their Melody boots to try out on my Autumn walks. I opted for a chestnut colour, as I simply preferred the colour. I am also used to lots of space in my running shoes, I wear at least a size bigger, as I find bigger shoes more comfortable as I run longer distances. I will admit to feeling a little worried there would not be enough space, or at least the space I am used to in my boots.

Actually I need not have worried there was plenty of space for me to wiggle my toes inside my boots. Whilst they are true to size I did not feel squished or compact or even squeezed into them, they were comfortable. I was surprised at how comfortable given I wear trainers all the time. The big question was could they handle the walk with the dog and toddler in tow too!

J was busy running around and sniffing everything, and the toddler was busy filling his pockets with rocks! I had no issues running around after them both, even changing speeds and directions with just as much ease as I would have in my trainers.

Wrapped up warm and with warm feet we decided to make the most of the day and go on an adventure. Little Man led the way and we went off to explore in the woods.

We had great fun exploring and playing in the leaves. Little Man collected lots of rocks and even made a few friends along the way.

J was just on constant look out for squirrels. 

Lucky for me the grips on the boots were good so that when we did see a squirrel and obviously have to chase it, I didn't fall over!

I think Hotter shoes might have managed to convert me into wearing boots for my walks now in Autumn, they were just as comfy as my trainers but a lot warmer!

Thanks to Hotter for sending the boots in exchange for this post, all words are my own

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