Thursday, 31 July 2014

Away in my airplane

The lovely thing about a good book is that it can be enjoyed anywhere.  Stories are not just for bed time, they are for all time.  Our July Parragon Book Buddy book is Away in my Airplane by Margaret Wise Brown.  We decided to enjoy our book on our little trip.

We went to visit York Gliding Centre with Granddad.  Unfortunately we were not allowed to fly and so there were no airplanes in the sky to watch, but we did get to sit in and have a look at the planes.

The girls spotted some of the gliders in the hanger and wanted to take a look at those, my eldest climbed in with her book

She then asked her Granddad to read her the story Away in my airplane, so he climbed inside and read the book to her.

After reading stories we went back outside to have a look at the other airplanes.  The girls found a two seater and climbed in.  They couldn't resist trying on the headsets.  They looked rather sweet!

 My eldest wanted to find a red plane, just like the one in her book.  We looked round the run way and in the distance we found a red plane

She headed over with Granddad and showed him that the red plane they had found was the same as the one in her book.

My daughter wanted the book reading again, so we climbed onto the bus and sat down to read the stories.  My youngest took it upon herself to guard the radio.

The girls had a lovely day with Granddad and exploring the airfield.  It was nice not only to bring the story to life for them but also to enjoy the story together whilst out.  The girls loved watching the planes, its just a shame there were non flying.

 This day I love away in my airplane

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Raising energy levels

At Britmums Live this year I met with the lovely team at Spatone.  They were holding free Iron testing and discussing about how to keep up energy levels.  Spatone is a natural liquid iron supplement and is a gentle way to help top up iron levels to help reduce fatigue.  This was something we all needed after a busy two days at Britmums live.  

I think at times we all need a little energy boost.  Especially on those days when you have been up all night with the children and then they wake you up early the next morning.  I survive on most days with around 5 hours of sleep and people then say to me 'You must drink a lot of coffee', The thing is is I am actually allergic to caffeine, so I don't drink tea or coffee.  I also don't drink energy drinks, which leads people to wonder how I keep my energy levels up on a daily basis.

Other than I have a sweet tooth and cannot resist cake and sweets I have two ways to boost my energy.  The first is to get outside.  There is something about fresh air that gives me a boost and a lift.  I love to walk on the grass barefoot and feel the sun on my skin.  I equally like to feel the cold, it makes me feel alive.  This simple feeling gives me a boost, a mental kick.  I can just take 5 minutes in the fresh air and I feel a lot more refreshed.

getting outdoors

Another way I keep up my energy levels is watching my kids.  I know they say laughter is infectious but sometimes I think the energy my kids give off is too.  I watch them run around and play and I suddenly have a boost too.   I love playing games with the girls and I think at times they give me the energy boost that I need to keep going.

What are your tips to boost energy?

In it to win it

I have recently been bitten by the competition bug. What I really love is discovering new sites and entering to win something I really need. I also love the community that there is around competitions and that pretty much anything you can think of is available somewhere to win. Everything from cars and holidays to dog food and biscuits If you can't find the item you would like to win of course you could always enter those with high payouts, giving you the cash to purchase what you need.

I don't enter every competition there is, there are some which the prize is either not something I would need or the method of entry is far too complicated. Voting competitions for example where the most number of votes or likes wins I really struggle with but follow an account on twitter or fill in a form and I can do these. They are quick and simple and often don't take up too much of my time, meaning I can do them in the spare few minutes I might have.

I wouldn't class myself as a serious comper just yet, more just dipping my toe in the water but I figure you have got to be in it to win it. With money on the low side at the moment it is also a way to save money by trying to win what we need. I enjoy it too and can see myself entering more.

As I surf the internet looking for more competitions to enter I often see advertisement for UK bingo sites and online gaming sites. These I have been told also have a community feel to them and are a also a way to win some money. I am not sure if I am quite ready to play yet but hear those that do have a great time and find it a way to unwind after a long day.

I guess what bingo and competitions have in common is that most people enter or play for the community and a bit of me time. It is something that can be done for 5 minutes or for longer if you have a little more time. Traditional Bingo is simple to follow too and as it is all done on random numbers and everyone feels they have the same chance to win. This is a similar reason as I mentioned above as to why I prefer the follow me or fill a form in competition, everyone has the same chance to win. It is completely random and fair an provided the rules are followed everyone has an equal chance of winning.

At the moment I haven't started playing or entering competitions which pay out money, perhaps one day I will. For now at least I am enjoying the me time and loving a way to escape. I am happy to be in it to win it and hope one day I do. Wish me luck!

I would love to know if you enter competitions or play games online, what are your experiences, have you won big?

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Do you want to build a snowman?

My eldest was invited to one of her best friends birthday party on Sunday.  She was not only excited for the party and to see her friends, but also because it was a Frozen party.  She loves Frozen.  We arrived at the birthday party and a special guest appeared, Queen Elsa.  All the children were in awe and could not believe she was here.  

They sat down in a circle and listened to Elsa reading them stories.

Queen Elsa was very good at telling stories and she made time to meet everyone at the party.  I don't think they could believe it!

The girls played lots of party games with Queen Elsa, pass the parcel and musical statues to name a few.  

It was then time to do some dancing and of course the music of choice was Frozen.  It was amazing watching all the children sing in sync to 'Do you want to build a snowman' and the best was when they all sang 'Let it go'.  They were not only all in sync with the words but also the actions too, it was so lovely to watch.

This day I love Do you want to build a snowman?

Monday, 28 July 2014

Review : e-cloth

A few weeks ago I took part in a twitter party talking about allergies and cleaning.  I was really interested to know more about how I could clean the house more effectively and remove any allergens.  I have an allergy to grass pollen, as well as other things and with my daughters eczema triggered by dust this was a topic of great interest to me.

As well as some great tips, e-cloth was mentioned quite a few times.  I was keen to try as the conversation highlighted how easy and effective e-cloth are to use.  E-cloth do not contain chemicals and only need water to clean.  Research conducted by Silliker also shows that e-cloth removes over 99% of bacteria and when rinsed under warm water only 0.01% of bacteria was reintroduced to a sterile surface.

I was keen to give them a try and started with the window cleaning cloths.  My girls have a lovely habit of putting sticky chocolate fingers on clean patio glass.  I absolutely hate cleaning glass, it can often be time consuming and leave streaks.  A quick solution would be fantastic.

I followed the instructions on e-cloth and wiped the window down with the wet cleaning cloth, then finished with the dry cloth.  I was amazed at how quick it was to clean the window and how the window was streak free.

e-cloth cleaning cloths

e-cloth provided a quick and easy solution to cleaning without the need for chemicals.

E-cloth has a range of products and I have even tried the polishing cloth, which was great for shining the chrome plug sockets.  I would love to try the mop as I have wooden and laminate floors for most of the house and I think it would be a great way to keep allergens under control.

I have often wondered how good these cloths really are, I have seen lots of different brands.  What makes e-cloth different is they come with a 3 year guarantee and because they are manufactured to a higher quality than other brands they are endorsed by companies such as AGA, Bosch, Electrolux, Smeg and Allergy Uk.

I have been impressed with the cleaning ability of e-cloth.  I have managed to reduce the time it takes to clean the house giving me more time with the girls.  As e-cloth uses only water I am no longer purchasing as many cleaning products, which means I have reduced my monthly spend and I feel that I am also helping my daughter by cleaning without using chemicals.

We were sent e-cloth the review, all words and opinions are my own.

Sensory garden experience

We were invited along to an event at Dobbies in Chesterfield for Growing up Milk.  We were looking forward to some green fingered fun.  The girls had fun exploring the garden centre and learning about all the plants they could eat, even trying some tomatoes.

The girls then began to explore the colours and textures.  

They even made a cheeky friend

The girls spotted a robin and went after him.  They soon stumbled upon some of the biggest leaves they had ever seen.

All this exploring in the hot sun was hungry work, so the girls settled down in the shade to enjoy a picnic.  

The girls decided to explore the garden centre further and came across some lovely wooden houses which they played in, before spotting some tents.  They then became rather interested in the tents.  Even picking one out .

The girls had a wonderful time exploring the garden centre.  It was a beautiful day in beautiful surroundings

This day I love a sensory garden experience 

Review : Squid Soap

I have recently wrote three posts on Potty training, top tips, Equipment and night time.  This is my final instalment in the series and it is about teaching children to wash their hands.  I wanted to teach my girls early the importance of hand washing.  I felt it important to include with potty training, as I think it is the perfect time to teach hand washing.

Squid soap is the perfect way to introduce hand washing to children.  It is a rather simple concept, but one that works.  Children press to dispense the soap, upon doing so an orange ink dot it placed on their hands.

In order to remove the ink dot they must wash their hands.  To see it in action here is my eldest using squid soap [My youngest is in the background asking for a turn]

Squid soap comes with a rubber toy which the girls have had lots of fun playing with.  I have seen some creative uses for these on pinterest too.  

I have had squid soap since April and the ink has not yet dried out.  Another thing to note about the ink is that my daughter did get it on her clothes yet it came out easily in the wash.

Squid soap is available to order from Ocado for £1.99, if you purchase a bottle readers of this blog can send proof of the purchase to and you will receive another bottle free.  I also have a giveaway for 2x family packs of squid soap [4 squid soaps in a family pack].  Giveaway ends on 18/08/14 at midnight GMT.

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