Monday, 29 September 2014

Our new arrival

For some time we have been looking for a companion for J.  It was decided we would look for a rescue dog and we felt it better to get a younger dog for both settling in with J and the girls.  After what seemed like months of searching we came across several beautiful dogs all at the same RSPCA centre.  Last weekend we went to meet them.

We took the girls and J with us, the idea that we would let the dog choose us rather than the other way around.  After a 2 and half hour drive we arrived.  We went over the enclosure to meet the dogs.  J showed little interest in any of them and preferred the blue ball which was in the enclosure.  One of the dogs we wanted to meet had been reserved that morning, so first we met a beautiful black staffy.  She was stunning but the girls were scared of her due to her size.  If they had been older and not scared we would have had no hesitation.  

Our final dogs to meet were 12 week old puppies.  For the girls it was love at first sight.  My eldest talks non stop about spotty dogs and this was a spotty puppy.  We reserved her subject to a home check and made the 2 and half hour drive home. 

The rest of the week the girls were unsettled at night, asking when spotty dog would be coming home.  I was nervous about the home check, checking my phone and message every day.  Finally Thursday we got the call to say they would be coming on Friday.  I wasn't sure what to expect and needless to say did not sleep well that night.

Our home check was fine, no problems and even J behaved himself.  We were told we could pick her up on Sunday.  My husband made the journey first thing to pick her up and after our lunch she arrived home.  It has to be said she is certainly very confident and has made herself well known.

She is an absolute bundle of fun, chasing things and doing all things puppy.  Our little spotty dog has found her forever home.

I wanted to just say that there are lots of dogs in rescue centres and lots of them are there by no fault of their own.  There are lots that are able to be re homed with children and other pets.  I am so pleased we made the decision to give a rescue dog a home, just look how beautiful she is.

This day I love our new arrival

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Dream holiday destination

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?  Would you want relaxing white sands or high action packed holiday?  Perhaps the snow is more your thing?  Imagine being able to plan your perfect escape all in one place?  Amadeus allows you to do this.

Before I had my girls I was lucky enough to travel to the Maldives.  The perfect white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters and the pure escapism not to mention the perfect diving destination made the Maldives my dream destination.  I have been lucky enough to visit twice, once in June and the other December.  

We were told that visiting in June would be rainy and not very good weather but actually we had better weather in June than December. is capable of helping plan the best time to travel or even when the weather is best.

dream destination is also incredibly good for planning the cheapest time to travel too.  Planning your dream vacation and within your desired budget.  Alternatively you can take a look at other users dream vacations which can help inspire your choices for yours. is really simple to use.  The layout is great and I feel very inspired to take a holiday. is not a transactional site, it is a planning site but I have grown a little addicted to looking at others plans and creating inspiration for my own.  If you are wanting some great insider information, ways to save some money on your holiday or even for some great inspirational ideas than is definitely worth a visit. 

This post is written in collaboration with

Living in a modern world - Dateinadash

I have noticed a change recently within my friends.  When we discuss how we met our partners more and more of my friends are saying they met online.  I remember at one point it was rarely heard that people met online and today it appears to be the norm.  

Dateinadash is a new online stylish speed dating and singles event services.  Dateinadash offers the chance for singles to meet, chat, have some fun and hopefully find their perfect match.  The events currently occur in London but future plans are to extend to other cities.  

Dateinadash site is easy to use and clearly laid out.  Dateinadash clearly highlights the different types of dates available at the different events and locations, so there is something for everyone.  Tickets need to be booked in advance in order to ensure correct numbers, but each ticket is reasonably priced. 

For my friends who are still living in London and are currently single I would love to know if you give Dateinadash a try.  I think I would certainly be tempted to go along if I was single and living in London, after all you never know and you have nothing to loose.

Have you used Dateinadash?  What are your thoughts about meeting your partner online?  I would love to know.

This post has been written in collaboration with Dateinadash

Look who is feeling better

After a day of feeling very poorly my youngest made a full recovery thanks to a carvery for her lunch and some fresh air.  She is back to normal and it is so lovely watching her run around again.  I am glad she is feeling better.

feeling better

This day I love look who is feeling better

Thursday, 25 September 2014

my little poorly monkey

Yesterday my youngest and I had a really lovely day together.  We had lunch out together and afterwards had a cake which was more cream than anything else, my youngest loved it.

Today however has been a completely different story.  She has been really upset all day, won't let me anywhere near her and has refused to come out the pushchair.  She has been complaining that her neck and ears really hurt and has even said that she cannot walk.

I took her to the Dr, which showed all her vital stats are normal.  Temp, blood pressure etc and her chest is clear.  The Dr told me that he thought she was simply throwing a 2 year old tantrum and expressing her desire not to go to nursery by pretending to be ill.  He told me that there is medically nothing wrong with her.

As her Mum I disagree.  I do not think at the age of 2 she has the ability to do this for so long.  She has been off it all day and refused chocolate.  In fact the only thing she wants to eat is ice cream.  I wonder if she is getting a sore throat?

I hope she feels better tomorrow, I do not like to see her poorly

This day I love my little poorly monkey

Review : Little Big songs

OK I am not going to lie at first Frozen was a welcome change to the normal nursery songs but after listening to it almost on repeat for what seems like forever I needed something new for the car.  I have nothing against Frozen but there is only so much 'Let it go' I can take.

Little Big songs provided me with the welcome break.  The CD of 11 original sing along songs, look at life from a child's point of view.  The songs each tell a story, such as moving house or the foods we eat and whilst there is an educational feel to the songs they are still fun and very catchy.  The CD comes with a 16 page booklet and lyrics in case you are unsure of any of the words.

Little Big songs was written by Jerry O'Regan and the accompanying illustrations are by Peter Seal.  There are also 4 song videos available to view for free at . Both my girls [ages 4 and 2] enjoy Little Big songs and I think it has made a great change for them too to listen to something original.

youngest in careldest in car

We were sent Little Big songs to review all words are my own opinion 

Review : OXO good grips Cookie press to make Frozen cookies

My daughter wanted a Princess themed birthday and in particular she really wanted Frozen.  I searched everywhere for snowflake cutters but as it was August no where seemed to stock them.  I did discover an amazing cookie press from OXO.  The OXO good grips cookie press allows you to make consistent cookies.

OXO good grips cookie press

We decided to give this ago with peanut butter cookies, I have since figured out that the cookie press works better with a smooth cookie dough.  The girls helped to mix everything together.

Mixing cookie dough

As I was loading the cookie press with dough, the girls had other ideas.  They used the silver disks to press onto the cookie dough to make their own shapes, a clever idea.

pressing the cookies

I used the cookie press to make snowflake cookies.  Using the large handle simple press down until you hear an audible click.  When you lift up the cookie press the cookie is in the shape of the cutter.  I think this is a great idea.

snowflake cookies

The cookie press was really easy to use and easy to clean afterwards.  In fact it is so easy to clean that my girls love using the cookie press with their play dough.  It is great for crafty activities and the metal disks are great for stencil pictures too.  Many uses for a cookie press!

The cookie press comes with 12 disks and a carry case.  There is also the option to purchase more disks.  I love the variety of disks, there is one for every occasion.  The OXO good grips cookie press would make a welcome addition to anyone who bakes or for anyone who like to play with playdough.

We were sent an OXO good grips cookie press for review, all words are my own opinion.