Wednesday, 24 September 2014

music, boxes and cuddles

Now my eldest is at school this means I get some quality 1:1 time with both girls.  My youngest is not in nursery full time so a few days a week it is just me and her.  We have had so much fun together these past few weeks.  Making music

Hiding in boxes

and jumping back out again

We even get some quiet cuddle time

The girls miss each other though and it so lovely to watch them together at night time.  

I love that I have one on one time with both girls.  It seems to be doing the girls good too as they are starting to appreciate each other more and you can clearly see a strong bond between them

This day I love music, boxes and cuddles.

An offer from TalkTalk mobile

Hurry TalkTalk mobile are offering their customers half price on some of the best brands including Sony, Samsung and LG.  TalkTalk mobile is a simpler and affordable way to find a mobile.  With the kids back at school and everyone wanting the latest things TalkTalk can offer their customers some great deals.  They have the Samsung Galaxy Fame from £3.75 and the new Nokia 630 from £5 per months.  There are also some great half price tablet and mobile deals from £7.50 a month.  These offers end on the 30th September so you need to be quick.

Sugru - The future needs fixing

This week it is waste less live more week.  We seem to live in a society that when something is broken we no longer fix it, as it is simply more convenient to replace it.  We need to rethink and think about the environmental and social impacts that this has.  Sometimes all we need is a little creativity and we can make something new again

I am more than happy to give a creative project ago, and whilst it may not always work out 'Pinterest perfect' I would still rather try.  I have rather a creative mind it is the putting into practise that often let's me down.  

When I was sent some Sugru I got my head in gear and thought up a few projects.  If you don't know what Sugru is after watching the above video, Sugru is a self setting rubber that feels like play dough and it is able to bond to almost anything.  When left over night turns into a flexible silicon.  I came up with an idea.

Sugru is brilliant for fixing things I fixed some cables, my phone case and some pan handles, but I wanted to make something.  The first thing I made was a radiator cap, to be honest not the most exciting but it was a necessity and I knew Sugru would withstand the heat of the radiator.  It works and to this day, almost three months later, is still doing the job.

If you saw my recent post in which I made a snow globe you would have seen my snowman that I made from Sugru.  The lovely thing about Sugru is that you can mix colours together to get an exact match.  I had made the snowman from white Sugru but didn't have an orange so I mixed red and yellow.

I was then able to make a nose for my snowman.

After my snowman and my radiator cap I then got thinking again.  This time I decided to make something even bigger.  I made an iPad case.

How to make an iPad case

1. Take an old hardback book.  Make sure that the tablet/phone is smaller than the book, as the book forms the basis of the cover.  Also check the thickness of the book.

2. Remove the pages from the book

3. Cover the book with your choice of paper.  Alternatively if you like the book cover then skip this step.  I also covered the book with sticky back plastic just to make it wipe proof.

4. Cover the iPad/tablet/phone with cling film.  This stops the Sugru sticking to the iPad/tablet/phone.

5. Place tablet onto the cover and mark the corners.  This is where the hooks will go. Take tablet away and put to one side.

6. First place a dot of Sugru over the marks.  Then using 4 equally sized balls roll them into sausages and on each corner press the sausage into the Sugru dot.

7. Put the tablet back onto the book.  Then bend the sausage over the tablet to form a hook.

8. Leave to dry over night.

9.  Remove tablet and take tablet out of cling film.  Your case is now ready to be used.

For more ideas on Sugru follow my Pinterest boards.

I was provided with Sugru to review.  All words and opinions are my own.

Birthday trains and Muddy puddles

My eldest had an invite recently to a train birthday party.  We were excited as we enjoy riding the trains at Kirklees light rail.  We started by having our lunch inside the birthday carriage.  My eldest got into the spirit with a party hat

We then headed outside to take a ride on the train.  It was a beautiful afternoon and it was great to be outdoors.

I took the opportunity to take a train selfie

We had a lovely time on the birthday train.  

Afterwards we took the dog for a walk and the girls found some muddy puddles.  

I could not believe the happiness on my daughters faces from jumping in puddles!  They had such a lovely time

This day I love Birthday trains and Muddy puddles

Review : boomf

I have a huge sweet tooth, I think everyone knows that by now. One thing I cannot resist is sweets, in particular marshmallows. At our wedding day our centre pieces were jars filled with marshmallows for our guests to enjoy. I therefore know my marshmallows, or so I thought.

At Britmums live this year I met a company who make personalised marshmallows, boomf. In fact their original idea was to print your Instagram images onto marshmallows. They have since extended this so you can upload images or use Facebook photos too.

I really loved this idea. Imagine how great it would have been at our wedding to have had personalised marshmallows. It would have made great favours and a much better centre piece. I decided to give boomf a try.

My preferred choice of web browser is chrome and for some reason I was unable to select my images but when I switched to Internet explorer I had no problems. After this switch I selected images from my Instagram account and arranged them onto boomf. The site gave me advice onto the best photos to choose, those that were not too dark.  I found the site really easy to use and other than the issue with chrome has no further issues placing my order.

Boomf is delivered worldwide for free and mine arrived within a few days.  Boomf is designed to fit through the letter box so there is no need to wait in for it to be delivered.  I opened the box and was really pleased with what I saw.

The images were great and of a good quality.  I loved how they looked and thought that it would make a fantastic gift.  Although they looked fantastic the proof is obviously in how they taste.  The girls could not wait to get stuck in

They tasted great.  My youngest quickly showed one straight in her mouth so she could have another, and my eldest kept asking for more.  She did point out that it had her photo on so therefore it was hers.  It was difficult to argue with that logic.  I did manage to sneak one past her though, I loved them so much I am wanting to order another box.  They are vanilla flavour but not too sweet and are flavoured just right.  Great texture and they seem to melt in your mouth.

If you would love to create your own box of boomf why not enter my competition below.  Entry is open to UK residents aged 18 and over only.  Giveaway ends Wednesday 8th October at midnight.  For full t&c see Rafflecopter

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Life Canvas Paris - August book buddy

This months book buddy from Parragon books was slightly different from usual. Instead of a book for the girls it was a little something for me. I received a sticky note tin and a notebook from Parragon new range, life canvas stationary.

The life canvas stationary range has several distinct styles each to match an individuals personality. I was sent the Paris range, which feature pastel shades and iconic Parisian landmarks. The range is very elegant.

The notebook is encased in a hard cover and features an elastic to keep closed. Perfect for jotting down blog ideas and notes. The pages are kept in the purple pastel colour and are unlined. Giving plenty of space to draw or write.

The sticky notes tin features sticky notes of all different shapes. Perfect for little reminders or sticking in books to mark pages. With some shaped as triangles they can even be used to point out specific places too. Each note follows the theme and are postal coloured with a Parisian drawing on them.

The life canvas range from Parragon would make an excellent gift and a welcome addition to brighten up what can be uninteresting study times.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Playmobil Princess and Gondola

The lovely people at playmobil kindly sent my eldest some playmobil for her birthday. They could not have picked a better suited set. She received a fairy tale princess and gondola playmobil set. We love playmobil in our house, already owning a Noah's ark and all the animals. A farm set, which has tractor and lovely barn, and a zoo set.

We use our playmobil for imaginative play and as my youngest grew up with the sets was a great way to get her imagination going with animals, as well as helping her to learn all the different animals. Our princess set is to celebrate 40 years of playmobil, and is a lovely addition to our collection.

The princess set has two main pieces, the first is the gondola. The girls love sailing the boat around and taking the princess on an adventure. We haven't yet tested if it floats but I don't think it will be long before it goes into the bath. The second piece is the island. This features plenty of flowers, birds, bird bath and some beautiful gardens.

The girls imagination really comes to life here. The princess strolls around the garden, sometimes she picks some flowers to give to her friends and other times she plays with the birds. The great thing is the girls share and play really nicely together with it.

The playmobil princess set also provided a welcome calm down to her birthday party and it was great that all the family could get involved and play together.

The princess and gondola set is a real hit with my girls and one I also enjoy playing with them with.

 Whilst we were sent a set for my daughters birthday, all words and opinions are my own.