Saturday, 19 April 2014

Review : Wallies Wall Play

When I pick the girls up from nursery they are often tired, as am I after a long day at work, but they still want to play.  I don't mind this so much because I have missed them whilst I am at work but at the same time I am tired and don't often have the energy to set up our trusted and favourite messy play.  I am rather glad therefore that I have found Wallies Wall play.

Wallies Wall stickers

Wallies Wall play are not your ordinary wall stickers.  Wall play allows you to do just this, play.  It allows children to use their imagination and creativity to create wall art and have lots of fun thinking up stories around the stickers.  Each vinyl sticker is easily removed from the backing paper and placed on the wall wherever your child desires.  It doesn't stop there because each sticker can then be removed easily from the wall and placed any where you want again and again.

doll house stickerpeeling stickers

The range of Wall play includes doll houses, transport, dress up dolls, aquariums and a princess land to name a few.  We were given the doll house and about town to play with and it has been a huge hit with both girls, but in particular my eldest.  

about town stickerscreating town scene

My eldest took an instant shine to the dolls house.  She readily goes up to it and asks to put the lady in the bath, or she is taking the dog for a walk.  Her imagination runs wild with the stories she creates and talks me through.  At 3 years old she has no problem removing the stickers and replacing them on the wall and she loves that she can be this creative.  I love watching her play and after several weeks of rather a lot of play with the stickers she has not yet torn one or removed any paint from my walls.

moving stickercreating scenereplacing stickers

I really love the Wall play stickers.  They are of a great quality and the girls enjoy playing with them.  They are ready set up play that can be returned to again and again, allowing my girls to use their imagination and to be creative.  Wall play stickers are great on an evening when the girls get home from nursery and want to play and I love listening to the stories they create with them.

The finished story

 We were sent a dolls house and about town Wallies wall play stickers for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.

Project 365 : Week 16

It has been a while since my Last 365 post, hopefully my apology will help to explain things.  The week has been a rather interesting one.  It was my final week at work and whilst I am in some ways sad to be leaving I am really looking forward to starting my new job and the new experience it will bring.  The week started off with some lovely sunny weather which saw us having our first picnic of the year.  This was at the request of my eldest and it was great fun.  

The rest of the week was spent very similar, playing in the garden, playing lots of board games and generally having fun.  I managed to box everything up to be sent back to work, just in time!  My favourite pictures of the week are below one from our picnic and the other my very own Easter bunny in her bunny hat she made!

Easter HatEaster picnic

Hope you have a happy Easter!

London through little eyes

Recently the girls visited London for an event at Warner Brothers, #WBmums.  I was very excited for the girls as I knew they would enjoy the experience.  What I hadn't thought about was London itself.

You see, I am not really a city person.  I like to be outdoors and looking at trees and grass, not buildings.  The city life just doesn't suit me, I tried it and it did not work.  I know others love it and that is fine I have no problem with that.  I do love the beautiful looking buildings in cities and it is great to visit, I just could not live there again.  Well not at the minute anyway.

Yet when you stop and look at London through the eyes of a child, you realise how wonderful it is, no really it is.  You see how magical it is and how much there is to explore.  Take for example buses.  They never go down our street here and if we are lucky we see maybe 1 whilst we are out and about.  Yet in London we saw one every minute, each one greeted with a delightful shout from my youngest 'BUS' at the top of her voice and pointing, whilst the eldest sang 'Wheels on the bus' and did all the actions.  

The London Underground, perhaps you might think not a very exciting place but again through the eyes of a child it is amazing!  First there is a train every minute and if the children are train obsessed it is great fun, get on one and then get onto another, ride the train all day!  Then there are the tunnels themselves, yep great fun for the girls to explore.  The magic train barrier which opens with the special ticket, how amazing and how much fun is that.  Finally not to mention the escalators.

The girls love the magic stairs.  The look on their faces as they see them and they shout 'magic stairs', run towards them and then stand on them all happy and giggling to each other.  It is so amazing to look at the world through children's eyes, how much fun a place it is.

Everything becomes more magical and anything is possible.

experience 3Dscooby doo face paint

This day I love London through little eyes

A Spring picnic

With the recent beautiful weather my eldest daughter has been asking me for a picnic.  I could see no reason why not and so for lunch we had a picnic in our garden, a beautiful Spring picnic.

Having a picnic gave us the perfect excuse to try out our new OXO tot divided plate, spoons and forks and twist top water bottles.

OXO tot products

The divided plate shows the portion size for each food category, meat, dairy, fruit/veg, which is great for meal planning, however as this was a picnic I wanted to use it more for adding healthy snacks and bite sized nibbles for the girls.  The plate worked really well and showed some beautiful Spring colours

Divided plate

The girls had no problems picking what they wanted to eat and thoroughly enjoyed the selection.  Whilst they could use the fork and spoon set with its comfy grip handles, they soon abandoned them as they found it easier to use their fingers for the picnic.  [They have used them since for dinner with no problems].

The picnic was going really well, the girls enjoyed themselves and ate lots of lunch.  They even spotted lots of animals in the garden, I think the Squirrel eyed up some of our lunch.

Spring picnic

We thought at one point we may have had to abandon the picnic when one of the OXO twist top water bottles got knocked over.  However when the twist top is closed it is spill proof, which was rather lucky as it meant we could continue with our picnic, accident free!

It was lovely to sit outside in the sunshine and have our lunch as a picnic together.  I think the girls eat more when food is presented this way to them, as they can choose what they want.  As all the OXO tot products are dishwasher safe, that we used, it meant I could clean and tidy up quickly so I could spend more time enjoying the sunshine with the girls.

enjoying outdoors

This day I love a Spring picnic. 

Friday, 18 April 2014

A Project 365 update

I have not written a Project 365 post for some time and the reason for this is simple, I feel guilty.  I feel guilty because when I link up, to any linky really, I want to make sure I have time to read and comment on the other posts also linked up.  Recently time has not allowed me to do this.  I used to do this at night when the girls finally had gone to sleep, but with a youngest cutting four back teeth at once and an eldest full of cold time just wasn't there.  During the day I work and don't usually have the time to stop for a drink or lunch let alone anything else.  So I have felt incredibly guilty.

If I was to comment at a weekend, I feel immense guilt that I am not spending time with my girls.  During the week I rarely get to spend good quality time with them and so the weekend is our time to play.  I want therefore to send an apology, an apology for not writing my project 365 and an apology for not being able to comment on everyone post.  I will be starting my 365 posts again soon but here are a selection of photos from the past weeks I've missed.

Muddy walksButlins SkegnessDonkey ride

having nails donethe girls and the fish splish splashthe girls try on glasses

Disney on iceriding horsescar seat heaven

dog in the castlebowl as a hatlook out

sport reliefteam honk batonteam honk dinner

splash in puddlessnow whitecheese

My Glisten Moment

Prior to our Cornish holiday my youngest had never had the need to wear Wellington boots.  She also never had the desire to put on her own shoes, well why would you really at 16 months?  Needless to say I was intrigued as to how she might find wearing boots.  

Our first day we spent all day outdoors, played with the animals on the farm and had lots of fun running around.  The second day we did the same, which meant on the third day I was awoken to the following:

putting on boots

My youngest daughter awake bright and early, in her PJ trying to put on her own Wellington boots.  I love how excited she was to be on holiday, how she could not wait to get outside to play, how she had an urgency to explore and play with her sister.  Well who can blame her really when you have an entire beach to run around on and a sister to play with.

exploring the beachrunning free on the beach

This to me is my Glisten moment as it truly shows how much enjoyment she was having on holiday and how she wanted to be outside and experience new things.  That and the photo I took of the girls deciding where to visit on our next holiday

Girls picking a holiday from map

TalkTalk reaches for the Sky

TalkTalk have increased the number of channels available to its customers by the addition of seven Sky tv channels.  Yes seven extra channels!  These are Sky 1, Sky 2, Sky Sports News, Sky Living, Sky Livingit, Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 2.  This means TalkTalk have even more great entertainment available for its customers.

Another amazing offer from TalkTalk this April is that between the 8-23rd the Sky Movies boost is half price for two months to existing TV customers.  On an evening this Easter weekend or Easter holidays the whole family can sit down together and watch a great film eating lots of Easter eggs!  11 Sky movie channels plus on demand for £7.50 is a real Easter bargain.

If all that wasn't enough of an Easter treat the Sky Superheroes channel has just launched for two weeks which is an eggstra [sorry] bonus!  I think that's my Easter/April sorted.  Cuddles with the girls, eating Easter chocolate and a good film from TalkTalk, a perfect evening!

Youngest in Easter Hat

This post was written as part of the TalkTalk family blogger group.