Wednesday, 23 July 2014

House of Magic

The girls have seen lots of adverts recently for the House of Magic

My youngest is fascinated by thunder the cat and my eldest loves all the magic in the trailer.  Thunder is an abandoned young cat who is seeking shelter from a storm.  Thunder sneaks into a mysterious mansion owned by retired magician Lawrence, aka “The Illustrious Lorenzo”.  Follow the story as Thunder and his friends seek to defend their home from Lawrence nephew, who wants to sell it without Lawerence knowing.  Thunder and his friends use all sorts of magical tricks to protect their home.  

The House of Magic is released on the 25th July and I cannot wait to take my girls to watch it.  A perfect treat this summer holiday.

If you are looking for a little fun why not download this activity sheet for the kids to colour.

house of magic colouring sheet

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

when the sun comes out again

It was a rather wet weekend this week.  Lots of thunder storms and showers.  The girls are not ones for sitting still and were desperate to go outside.  The rain did give us the opportunity to get crafty and do some baking, but the girls love the outdoors and so every opportunity we took and got outside.

The great thing about rain is that it makes puddles and mud.  My girls love nothing more than splashing in puddles or squelching in mud.  I secretly love it too.  It is a great way to encourage them to play outside and get active by going on a walk to find muddy puddles.

We always manage to get out and get active no matter what the weather, we just make sure we wear appropriate clothes.  Although playing in the sunshine is much better.  On our exploration walk to find our mud we came across some beautiful horses, one came right up to say hello

I think it was secretly glad for some company.  The girls did manage to find their mud and some puddles, its funny how they always can.  Lucky for us the sunshine stayed out long enough for us to have a lovely walk together.

This day I love when the sun comes out again

Review : baby first aid - Baby aid compact

It's not often that I get sent a product to review that I hope I never have to review. I mean this positively of course. Let me explain, I was sent a baby first aid kit and the contents are obviously if your child is hurt, so that you can administer first aid. As I never want my children to get hurt I therefore hoped I never had to use the baby first aid kit.

Baby aid compact

The baby first aid kit is lovely and compact, and for something small really does contain a lot. As well as the things you would expect, bandages, anti septic wipes and plasters it also contains stickers. These stickers are a lovely way to say 'you were brave' and put a smile on your child's face, after all who doesn't like stickers.

The baby first aid kit is colourful so it can easily be located in your bag and is fastened securely by a large zip. Inside everything is kept secure and neat by two net pouches. I admit that I have also put some sachets of paracetamol inside, so that if they have a fever I have paracetamol to hand for the girls. These fitted in with no problem. The outside of the case is wipe clean and it is a great handy size to keep in your bag.

First aid in bag

In addition to the first aid kit there is also the soother. This lovely star shape is filled with a green gel, once cooled by placing in the fridge the star is used to soothe bumps and bruises. I admit to having used this after my three peaks walk on my very sore toes. The star fits inside the first aid kit if you wanted to keep them together. My eldest loves the star and after a lot of squishing and playing the star is still intact.

Baby first aid is something I am passionate about, as you will know from my previous review of the British Red Cross app. I think this baby first aid kit is a must have for all parents and it fits so neatly into a changing bag there really isn't a reason why we should all be carrying one.

We were given a baby first aid soother and kit to review.  All words and opinions are my own. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Sunny play

After a very stormy weekend the sun made a very welcome appearance.  This meant we could get out and about without the need for raincoats.  My eldest wanted to go and feed the ducks and made a specific request that we go to the one with the bridge.  I had no idea where she meant but went to where I would go to feed the ducks.

I was surprised at how quiet it was given that the schools are on holiday and how beautiful and warm the weather was.  We had a lovely walk and fed the ducks as we went.  My eldest daughter then screamed in delight, I found the bridge Mummy, it was that bridge I wanted.  It seems I guessed the right place after all.

My eldest is getting more independent every day and loves nothing more than to explore.  She loves climbing too and was rather pleased when she climbed up here by herself.  

After our lovely walk we returned home to play in the garden.  The plants needed watering and whilst I left the hose unattended to go and switch the water on at the tap, the girls took the opportunity to have a water fight with each other.  They were giggling and really enjoying themselves.  A lovely way to cool down on a sunny day.

This day I love Sunny Play

Everything is awesome!

Everything is awesome with TalkTalk, as of Monday 21st July the Lego Movie is available to download and watch. The Lego movie is the first ever full length Lego adventure and will be available to both TalkTalk Plus and Essentials TV customers. The movie can be rented for 48 hours at £4 and is available on the same day as the DVD is released.

The girls are just beginning their love for Lego, where as my love for Lego is firmly set. I was very keen to sit down and watch the Lego movie with the girls. It was a great way to unwind after a busy day. The Lego movie had me laughing and the girls laughing too. It is incredibly clever how they have made the film and has inspired the girls to play with Lego more. I love how the Lego movie features Lego instructions, this made me laugh. I can see how this was such a huge success in the cinema. Even if you are not a Lego fan I think you would still enjoy this film as I found it comical and so did the girls. A great family film.

Watching Lego movie

Other films available this summer from TalkTalk include non-stop, the book thief, a long way down and the grand Budapest. The one I'm looking forward to catching is Noah starring Russell Crow and Emma Watson. TalkTalk are also launching free 'Tasters' which means customers can experience channels typically included in paid for Boosts. These launch in the first weekend of August with Disney channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior, perfect for the school holidays and are free to watch all weekend.

Oh and just remember after watching the Lego film everything is awesome!

Lego movie was provided for us to watch by TalkTalk as part of our TalkTalk family blogger. 

A royal birthday competition

Tomorrow marks a very special 1st Birthday, Prince George turns 1.  As we remember he was carried home in a Britax car seat and to celebrate Britax have a competition to win a car seat of your choice.  It is very easy to enter.  All you need to do is make a crown and add the photo to Britax Facebook page.  [Full terms and conditions can be found on their Facebook page].

Britax have made things easy by providing a template which can be downloaded from here.  

We downloaded our crown and got busy sticking and painting to create our masterpieces.

The girls had a lot of fun with creating their crowns.  It gave them the chance to cut out their own shapes from felt, play with the feathers and the pompoms and get sticky with glue.  I have glitter all over the house!  After they had finished they admired each others work

Before finally standing still for a pretty princess photo

We had a lot of fun making our crowns, I cannot wait to see what you create

The wonder of pets.

My youngest daughter and our dog have such an amazing bond.  It has been there from the first time we brought her home.  He has always protected her and won't let anyone come near her, especially when she is in the pushchair.  She goes to him for cuddles and I can often find her cuddled up to him.  He knows when she is sad or feeling unwell and she knows he will always be there.

me and my dog

Having J has made me feel more secure at home, I know he will always watch out for us.  He has made me more active as I love to take him out with me to explore and he was with me during my training for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks.  This leads to a healthy heart and a healthy body.  I don't know what we would do without him, he is a part of our family.  

Sunrise Infographic
Provided by Sunrise
I would love to know your thoughts on owning a pet and if it has improved your quality of life.

This post is written in collaboration with Sunrise senior living.