Saturday, 25 October 2014

Linked : Linky for Linky week 4

Welcome to week 4 of Linked.  

Apologies for the delay in getting live, this week has seen the dreaded flu take over the household.  Achy, poorly and a lack of sleep has meant everyone is tired and ill.  Hopefully this will pass soon and we can return to normal.

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Last week I was really inspired by #Xmasclutterclear, I have been up into the attic and tidied up.  I have found a lot of things that need to be listed onto ebay and quite a few for the charity shop.  Which is part of my task for the half term.

Look forward to your Linky and blog hops again this week and thanks for joining Linked!

Review : Needlework studio

When we bought home our new arrival I knew I wanted something special to keep her warm in and something from day one that would help her feel secure.  I knew I wanted it to be special to her and Needlework studio provided the perfect solution.

Needlework studio are a family run business who specialise in personalised embroidery and beautiful hand knitted items.  They have a wide variety of items from shopping bags, baby blankets and pet blankets.  All personalised to individual tastes.  Our new arrival loved hers

She instantly curled up and went to sleep.  The soft fleece to keep her warm and the beautiful stitching of her name made a perfect addition for creating a safe and secure bed for her.  Of course J felt a little left out so we had to get one for him too

The Pet blankets wash really well and dry quickly too, which has been great in this weather.  

I am pleased to be able to offer a Large pet blanket [valued at £19.50] to one lucky reader.  Simply follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.  Giveaway closes on November 4th at Midnight GMT.  Entry open to UK residents.

Friday, 24 October 2014

Review : Disney Cars 3-Wheel Tri Scooter

My youngest daughter loves Lightening McQueen from Disney Cars.  One of the things she has asked for for Christmas is a scooter.  She loves playing outside and so a scooter would suit her well.  Recently I received an email from alerting me that they had found a Disney Car scooter for £12.50 instead of £30.  This was a bargain and one I needed to act on for Christmas.

Disney Cars 3-Wheel Tri Scooter

I contacted and they kindly sent me the scooter for free in exchange for this post.

The Scooter arrives flat packed and so is easy to store away ready for Christmas.  I managed to put the scooter together by myself following the instructions.  The scooter has a great sized plate for children to stand on and sturdy wheels.  There is a lightening McQueen sticker on the front, perfect for any Disney cars fan.  Whilst my youngest hasn't yet played on it, I have put it away for Christmas, I have to confess to having had a play.  I can confirm it is a lot of fun and I cannot wait for my daughter to see it on Christmas day.  For the price this is an absolute bargain.

Thursday, 23 October 2014

A Ben and Holly takeover

Ben and Holly are celebrating the launch of their DVD 'Ben and Holly's little kingdom : planet bong in style' with a wide range of activities this autumn. As half term fast approaches Ben and Holly little kingdom DVD is a great way to keep little ones entertained, should the miserable weather not improve. Ben and Holly will also be taking over Channel 5s milkshake! Throughout October half term. Ben and Holly will be in the milkshake! Studio celebrating five whole days of magical adventures.

Between 27th October and 2nd November between 12pm-4pm Ben and Holly will be on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr carrying out stunts and you can also watch a variety of episodes. The girls have been sat watching their Ben and Holly DVD whilst the windy weather prevents them from playing outside.

Whilst we love watching the DVD I am hoping the weather calms down soon so we can go and make the most of one of the great Ben and Holly activities.  Ben and Holly will be going on a magical tour treasure hunts, meet and greets, story telling, and adventures in INTU shopping centres nationwide.  They also have a fantastic interactive activity program in Leaps and Bounds centres.  

Once all the excitement has finished, there can only be one last thing to do and that is a story before bed.  It has to be a Ben and Holly story of course

The new Ben and Holly book is a beautiful hard back picture book, that is just the perfect size for my 2 year old to hold.  The colours are in keeping with the TV show and the book features all familiar characters.  The story follows the delivery of presents for Christmas, and there may even be a surprise from Santa.  A beautiful Christmas book and perfect for any Ben and Holly fans.

For even more Ben and Holly ideas visit

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Spooky magnetic paint for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, I can't believe it is that time of year already. Last year the girls and I made our first Halloween decorations at our local ceramic paint shop. This year we got creative.

We took some items from our recycling bin and covered them in tissue paper. We used a 50:50 mix of PVA glue and water to stick the paper onto the items. My youngest got a little carried away and just covered everything in glue but at least she had fun. As well as covering some items in paper we also turned some into spooky mummies ready for Halloween.

After the glue had dried we next took out our glue gun and I wrote some words on our items. Spooky words such as eyeballs, newts and poison.  

We waited for the glue to dry and then came the fun part, painting. Using our magnetic chalk board paint from Rust-Oleum, we covered each item in 3 coats. The paint only took 2 hours to dry between coats and the sticky paint was fun to apply. It is worth stirring the paint very well before you start in order to achieve good coverage.

We struggled a little to get the paint from our hands. Grandad had to use WD40 on our hand to get the paint off, which luckily worked. We left everything to dry.

The next day we got some chalk and rubbed it over the items to create a weathered/ageing effect. Our spooky pots were ready for Halloween. 

I even made the girls a tub to keep their chalk in using an old margarine tub and used the same principals as above.

The girls loved their spooky Halloween craft activity.

Our Rust-Oleum paint was provided for a review.  All words and opinions are my own. 

A Santa Maria Fajita Film night

Sometimes during the week when I have picked the girls up from school I need a quick and simple solution to dinner. I just simply do not have the energy to cook and all I really want to do is sit and cuddle the girls on the sofa. With half term fast approaching I also want something quick and easy for dinner so I can spend as much time with the girls as possible. Lucky for me Santa Maria came to my rescue.

They sent me a rather lovely red box which contained everything I needed to make fajitas. A quick simple and tasty meal. We used the BBQ flavouring which contained just the right amount of spice for the girls, who loved their fajitas. Whilst I was cooking I opened the nachos and onion dip which the girls took great delight in scooping up onion dip into the middle of the nacho crisps. The onion dip wasn't too overpowering with onion and wasn't too sour. The girls and I loved it.

Fajita are really quick and simple to make and with Santa Maria providing everything I needed from wraps, to sauce all I had to do was provide the meat and cook. As dinner was easy to prepare and hadn't taken too much time there was time after dinner to have a cuddle on the sofa and watch the girls favourite film, Frozen.

What a perfect night thanks to Santa Maria. Quick and tasty food giving me time to have a snuggle with the girls before bed.

 I was sent a Santa Maria box and a Frozen DVD for the purpose of review.  All words and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A warming announcement

Winter feels like it is well and truly on its way. The cold feel is in the air and with the unpredictable rain I can no longer rely on the fresh air to hang out my washing. It is a shame because the windy weather would have it dry in no time, though it may also end up getting blown into next doors garden. Our kitchen simply does not have the space for both a washing machine and a tumble dryer, so I have to make do with either a combination or use the radiators.

A few weeks ago, and perhaps with bad timing due to the weather, our washer dryer decided it no longer wanted to dry. I had to use the radiators and our new puppy took much delight in taking everything it could off the radiators. My washing started piling up as I was running out of room to dry clothes. I longed for a solution. As if by magic my prayers seemed to be answered and Servis sent me an amazing email. I had been chosen for their blogger program and they would be sending me a washer dryer. I was over the moon.

Servis have a great heritage and one I am very proud to be associated with.  Servis have been a household name since 1929.  

Servis relaunched in the UK in 2012 with a new look, but with the same values.  

I am really looking forward to receiving my washer dryer from Servis. They are a great family friendly brand with a strong heritage who I am proud to be associated with. I hope to be sharing with you over the next month how I am getting on with my new washer dryer and hopefully my washing pile will start to decrease.