Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Review : Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean is a unique cleaning compound that is ideal for cleaning many household devices including computer keyboards and phones.  It eliminates 99.9% of all germs and is easy to use.  I recently put Cyber clean to the test, find out what I thought in my You tube video.

Cyber Clean would make a perfect gift for any gadget person and I think it is really simple and easy to use and a great way to clean computers.

I was sent a packet of Cyber Clean to review, all words and opinions are my own.

10 Reasons why you need a Fellowes AeraMax air purifier

We have recently been testing the Fellowes AeraMax air purifier and whilst we have the larger of the three models, DX95, here are reasons every family need a Fellowes AeraMax air purifier

1. They are very quiet so can be used day and night

2. They are stylish and modern looking, with easy to use control panels.  I have had no issues working out how to use and set up took less than a minute.

3. AeraSmart sensor means that the speed of the air fan is automatically adjusted dependant upon the quality of the air

4. You can manually increase the fan for Peak allergy season

5. There have a 4 stage purification system.  Carbon to remove odours and large airborne particles, True HEPA captures 99.7% of particles less than 0.3 microns, Aerasafe Microbial treatment and PlasmaTrue Technology to create ionized field to safely remove airborne pollutants.

6. Great for allergy sufferers as 99.7% of particles less than 0.3 microns are removed and these include viruses, germs, dust mites, mould spores, pet dander and cigarette smoke.  I have noticed a difference with my hay fever this year.

7. Great for eczema sufferers.  My daughters eczema is triggered by dust and we have noticed a difference since it was introduced in her room.

8. The Aeramax range is endorsed by Allergy UK

9. The range features three sizes so there is one suitable for all homes

10. Replacement filters are available online and are really quick and simple to replace.

If you would like to know more about why you should purify indoor air please take a read of this.

 Fellowes AeraMax air purifier is great for both the home and your work.  We have certainly noticed a difference with my daughters eczema and with my hayfever.  I think the Fellowes AeraMax air purifier would also be great if you were about to move into a new property, either bought or rented and wanted to remove any of the pollutants left behind from a previous occupier.  With September also fast approaching and the time when most children end up with a virus [cold, flu or such like] the Fellowes AeraMax air purifier is a great way to help reduce the spread of germs through the family.

I was sent a Fellowes AeraMax air purifier to review, all words and opinions are my own.  Some Images used from Fellowes with permission. 

Monday, 18 August 2014

A belated birthday post

My youngest daughter turned 2 in May.  I realised I had not written anything about her birthday and feel rather bad about it so here are the highlights from the day.

I didn't have much time to make her cake so decided on a simple animal theme.  I baked a round sponge cake and decorated with green icing.  I had found a very talented lady on Etsy, the cake top company, and I gave her my idea for the cake.  She made me the animals as a bespoke order and I was incredibly happy with them.  I love the animal cake, I think it worked well.

Continuing with the animal theme I ordered the girls these dresses from Wild things funky little dresses.  Any excuse for me to order a dress for the girls from here, I love the entire range and everything lasts well.  I also get lots of people asking where the dresses are from which is always nice to be unique. 

We decided to try and make the most of outdoors and give ourselves less to prepare the night before, so we settled on a BBQ.  It made a nice change that I didn't have extra the night before and it was good that everyone had plenty to eat and enjoyed the food.

I had asked for people who wanted to bring presents to buy clothes, as my youngest daughter is now in the same size clothes as my eldest, meaning the hand me down phase has gone.  She got lots of really lovely outfits but also got this car/trolley.  She still tries to sit in the car bit.

We had close family round for the birthday and everyone had fun on the bouncy castle.  My youngest tired herself out and was asleep when they came to collect it.  This meant my eldest got to have some fun helping to put it away.

As the clouds came over in the early evening so did two parachutes.  I have never seen them come past the house before.  My eldest stood outside and watched them both float away into the distance.  A truly lovely birthday

This day I love a belated birthday post

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The one where they watch friends

I recently received an invite to attend an event at the Everyman cinema in Leeds.  The event was hosted by Simplyhealth and its aim was to have a good time with friends, we certainly did.  My husband attended with me, this was his first event with other bloggers.

We arrived at Everyman cinema and I have to say it is different from any other cinema I have been to.  We had sofa to sit in rather than chairs and it was a lovely room perfect for watching a film with friends.  We were watching the first 4 episodes from Friends to mark the 10th anniversary of Friends ending or if you prefer the 20th anniversary of it starting, I feel old either which way.

It has been a while since I last watched the first few episodes of Friends, but it is good to know I still know them all almost word for word.  My husband and I had a real good laugh and it was nice to have some time together.

Husband and myself at Everyman cinema

I am a huge Friends fan so I feel really lucky to have been invited and want to say thank you to Simplyhealth for a lovely evening.

When we arrived home luckily the girls were fast asleep in bed but we were greeted by two other little friends.

Chicken and a Duck

A chicken and a duck.  It made me laugh and reminded me of Joey and Chandlers chick and duck.  Perhaps a fitting way to end the evening

This day I love the one where they watch friends.

VIP farm birthday

Last Sunday the girls attended a birthday party at Cannon Hall Farm.  The weather was beautiful and it was lovely to have a guided tour of the farm.

A beautiful day on the farm

We have visited the farm several times before but having the guided tour made it really special.  It was lovely to learn about the animals and also get the opportunity to feed them.  The viewing platform looks down at the barn and there are feeding shoots to put food in which drops down to feeding trays.  

feeding the cow

The girls loved the tour of the farm, made extra special by our VIP status and a beautiful birthday.  I loved watching my eldest walk hand in hand with her friends round the farm.  Such a beautiful day.

Friends walking hand in hand on the farm

This day I love VIP farm birthday 

Review : Collins Back to School resources

My eldest starts school in September and she is showing a real interest in wanting to learn to read and write.  Collins have a huge range of learning resources to aid her development.  They have books ranging from learning to read and write and accompanying books such as thesaurus and dictionary.  Collins are enabling me to equip my daughter with everything she needs before she starts school.

Collins school booksFrench and Spanish books

To see what my daughter thought of the range, including the French and Spanish books watch our video

Collins are offering 30% off their range of Back to School books until 30th September 2014 and there is also a competition to win one of 50 bundles of books in a branded Collins school bag.  

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Review : Mummy hooks

Whilst at a baby show I was struggling to carry my bags and push the pushchair.  The push chair I was using had a solid bar handle bar and I had used all the basket space.  Happy Mummy kindly gave me some Mummy Hooks, which I attached to the handle bar and was able to hang my shopping from it.

Each hook can hold 5Kg, 10kg in total as there are two hooks.  They attach via Velcro and the hook can swivel a full 360.  This is great because it can form a temporary solution that can last as long as needed.  The hook can fit onto either horizontal or vertical bar.  For full review of Mummy hooks from Happy Mummy please watch my You tube video

I was provided with one pack of hooks and decided to review them as I think they are a useful product.  No money has been exchanged.  All opinions are my own.