For some unknown reason my youngest today has worked out that if she has food the dog will follow her.  She has also worked out that she can follow him in her walker or by crawling.  As I sometimes give her bits to eat whilst she is in her walker, to keep her entertained, she has started following the dog around with one arm out stretched with food in it to make him come to her.  She then says gaga and gives him food.

What is even sweeter is she is now snapping food that she can in half so she can give a bit to the dog and a bit for her.  I think its an early start on sharing.  I caught her today snapping a biscuit and then trying to find the dog to give it to.  She has a piece in either hand.

sharing biscuit

My eldest will now say my turn, baby turn or baby first so she knows when to wait and when its her turn which is great for playing games and sharing.  Her signing has started to increase as well as she I think is trying to communicate with her sister.  When she is learning a new word and we are not sure what it is she signs it to be understood, I think its a similar principle.

Today I watched as she sat down with her dolls and read them all a book before bed time.  It was such a gorgeous moment and one I am glad I captured.  She told her dolls about Santa, his red coat, boots and white beard.  She shivered and went brr when she showed them the snow and she said the postman brings all the letters.  

reading books

This day I love sharing

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am following you now!


  2. absolutely adorable!! i love kids. they are just the most innocent, sweetest things ever :)

  3. That's a gorgeous post, what beautiful children you have. I love reading about these milestones in children's lives.

    1. Thank you. I love that I have a way to capture these milestones for when they are bigger

  4. I think Christmas will be special for you all this year so long as they are well in time!


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