Review : Yappy Happy Dilly Dog

Yappy Happy Dilly Dog from Top That Publishing follows the story of a Dog Dilly who likes to Bark.  It is a very playful happy story, with a lovely ending.  The book features a hand puppet which my eldest likes to put her hand in to make Dilly bark, and my youngest then giggles.  

It is a great interactive book with a very soft Dilly Dog hand puppet.  Both girls 2 years and 8 months sat through the story and both giggled when I made Dilly Bark, I made the Bark noise but used my hand to move the puppets mouth.  The book got the girls to interact with each other which was really lovely to see.  I am also convinced that the author of this book has met our dog, as the story matches his personality perfectly.  

A really lovely read for younger children.

getting her bookenjoying her book

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  1. We read this one too - Jessamy loves it mainly when Dilly grabbed her arm haha ;)

    1. dilly likes to tickle my girls they think its funny


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