Sunglasses and sculptures

My eldest loves glasses of all shapes and sizes.  Whilst out shopping with the girls my eldest found some Little Mermaid Sunglasses.  I was looking to get her a pair as she is always complaining the sun is in her eyes, and this pair just suited her.  She was ever so pleased and wore them all day, even when playing in her car at Grandmas house

looking cool

indoor picnic

We had an indoor picnic before heading out for an afternoon walk.

We headed to the local sculpture park.  I think the last time I went there was just before I got married and a lot has changed.  I was a little annoyed about the car parking charges at £7.50 but they give you free entry to the park.  The park, I have now discovered, is not very dog friendly especially when you have a pushchair.  The path will stop and tell you no entry to dogs and divert you up a wooded muddy path that there is no chance of getting a pushchair through, it was rather frustrating.  All that been said the views are stunning and the girls enjoyed themselves which is what matters.

muddy walklovely view

fieldby the lake

J also really enjoyed himself and found lots of Mole hills to dig in


As it was a sculpture park we also saw some lovely pieces of art which my eldest found really interesting


I am glad the sun was shining because due to the many diversions we had to take due to the no entry to dog signs, what should have been an hours walk turned into 3 and a half hours.  Luckily the girls had fun exploring the outdoors and the weather was nice.

This day I love Sunglasses and Sculptures.

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  1. LOVE the sunglasses! Glad you were able to enjoy the day despite the diversions! I know what it is like trying to push through mud! Some lovely photos.

  2. Love the sunglasses and the look of surprise! Looks like it was a lovely day! Hope the sun comes back soon! Thanks for linking up! x

    1. It was a lovely day, tiring towards the end though.


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