Review : Wee Kids : Fun and Draw & Colour apps

Sometimes when we are stuck out and about or as a treat my eldest gets to play on the iPad.  We were recently given codes to download two apps, to test and review.  They are Wee Kids Fun and Wee Kids Draw & Colour.

The app is priced at $2.99.  My eldest daughter, at 3, enjoys this app.  She figured out what to do.  The main game is to match the image to its shadow and drag the image to the shadow.  My eldest really enjoys this game and talks about the different shapes/images she can see as she goes along.  The images are bright and colourful which makes it more appealing. 

shadow game

There is also a slightly harder game.  It is a jumbled picture which you move the squares around to re make the original picture.  As the level progress the puzzle gets harder.  This game at the moment is a little too complicated for my eldest, but I have no doubt that she will soon want to play.  There is a good amount of puzzles too to keep little ones entertained for a good while

arranging picture

The app is priced at $1.99.  There are pre draw pictures for you to colour in.  By scrolling along the bottom of the picture there is a wide range of colours to choose from.  Tap to select a colour and then tap the section of the picture to colour it in.  Both my girls enjoy this section of the app.  My youngest is 15 months.  I like the bold drawings and that there is a large selection of colours to choose from.  It s also easy to use for the younger children too.

colour in

My eldest daughter really enjoys the free draw section of the app.  A wide selection of colours is available again, which makes a great refreshing change.  My eldest found it so simple to use that she drew this elephant

its an elephantdraw a picture

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