turning 3

My eldest daughter is now 3.  I can't believe it.  3.  Time really has flown by, I look at her and she is so grown up.  3.  We started our celebrations bright and early this morning, she awoke at 5.30am.  She opened her present and that was it I could not get her away from it

eldest on her keyboard

Whilst I was making breakfast I could hear her singing.  She sang, incy wincy, did her abc and even sang happy birthday to herself.  I loved listening to her sing and play.  

We had to do some shopping in preparation for her party, but shopping is one of my daughters favourite things to do.  After shopping she had her hair done and it looks ever so nice.  

My eldest is a huge Monsters Inc and Toy story fan.  I thought for her birthday I would take her to see Monsters Uni and it would also be the first time she had gone to the cinema.  She was excited all day at the thought of seeing monsters.  

first time at cinema

She was really good inside the cinema, especially as she has never been before.  She understood the film and asked a few questions, which you would expect.  I think I am going to have to take her to another film now!  We both loved the new Monsters film, it is very funny.  She asked in the car if she could come to the big TV again.  I am going to take that as she enjoyed it.  

We stopped in at the toy shop before heading to dinner.  We have a few birthdays coming up so I thought we would quickly pick up some presents.  The girls had their own ideas and soon started taking toys from the shelves that they liked.

youngest likes toyyoungest picking toys

the girls want this toythe girls find something

I am thinking I might have found what the girls want for Christmas.

The girls, my Mum and I then headed for a birthday meal.  My youngest became fascinated with the ice in my drink and kept taking it out to play and have a look.  

youngest plays with ice

My eldest got to choose one of her favourite meals, Pizza.  We opened her cards and some of her presents whilst we waited.

eldest eats dinnereldest opens cards

The waitress noticed her opening presents and asked me if it was her birthday.  My daughter asked for some ice cream for desert.  The waitress then brought out her ice cream with a candle in and we all sang happy birthday.  She could not stop smiling and my youngest started to clap.

happy birthdayeldest birthday ice cream

I had a lovely day with my girls and I hope my eldest loved her third birthday.

Happy Birthday sweetheart

This day I love turning 3.

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