A dream garden

Earlier this year I started the BIG project which set about transforming our garden.  We painted and restored the girls play house which was left by the previous owners.  We made the climbing frame, safe and began painting and we added a new horse swing which the girls both love


But there is still so much we want to do.  I want to make the garden a place that not only do the girls enjoy and play in but I want to encourage wildlife in to our garden.  This year we set up bug hotels, and lady bird houses which seem to be working

lots of ladybirds

I planted over 200 bulbs and plants.  Each to attract different wildlife into the garden, Buddleia, Honey suckle, and lavatera.  Each thought about to encourage wildlife.  A bird table and bird bath were assembled and we have encouraged birds into the garden as well as a few squirrels.  

What are the future plans?  Well I have a fish pond to assemble which will form part of the sensory section of the garden.  I am really looking forward to this as both girls both looking at fish and it will make a great feature in the garden.  There is the food and vegetable plots to make and sew as I want the girls to learn more about growing food, as well as the herb garden to plant.

The other plan for next year is to do the inside of the girls play house.  Other than a chalk board there is not much in there.  I would love to get them a kitchen where they can make their perfumes and wonderful 'pies'.  I also think they would love a nursery section for them to play with their dolls.  

With the theme of growing our own food next year I would also really like somewhere for the girls to sit outdoors so we can enjoy our dinner outside next year.  

We are very lucky with the items the previous owners left us in the garden and I hope that soon we can turn our garden into our dream garden.

This blog post is an entry into the Tots100/Activity Toys Direct garden makeover competition

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  1. oh this sounds lovely. We haven't done enough with our garden and I really would like to add some water play areas, a blackboard and a musical area etc.

    1. One day we will finish the garden, I have lots of plans


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