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My eldest daughter is very smitten by sugar. He is a fully interactive soft cuddly seal. Sugar moves his flippers and tail and makes noises to alert you that he needs something, be it a cuddle or his fish. My eldest really loves to feed Sugar his fish. He makes happy noises and moves his mouth as she holds it for him to eat with.

Sugar does not like to be left alone. When my daughter puts him down he starts crawling on the floor to find her. My eldest loves this. She loves that Sugar wants to be with her. She has a natural caring and loving side and she has really taken to Sugar.

She left Sugar on the chair at the dinner table so she could go get his fish for his dinner. Sugar did not like that she left so started moving to find her, he promptly fell off the chair. My eldest came rushing back him and gave him lots of cuddles and kisses to make him feel better. She felt a little upset that it had happened but I showed her that sugar was very happy, as he clapped away.

My eldest really loves Sugar. I love watching her play with him and see how loving she has become. She rocks Sugar just like a baby and says Shh, then strokes his head gentle to send him to sleep.

Sugar seal sleep

Sugar really is perfect for any child that either would like a pet or has this caring and loving parenting side. My eldest is 3 years old and she just adores Sugar.

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