Project 365 : weeks 2,3,4

Not the best start to the 2014 Project 365.  I am already late on the first weeks.  Hopefully this round up will explain why

Week 2

out for winter walkhotel viewlooking at you

We took a lovely winter walk to get some fresh air.  My eldest loves exploring all the muddy paths and my youngest always has a good nap when we are out.  The girls and I were taking pictures with the wooden play camera.  I liked the pattern through the play lens and decided to take a picture with my camera through the lens, I thought it was a good image.  I had to go away again for work, what a view from the hotel room.

parking chargesconference

Ok so I didn't take this photo but it is my favourite from the day.  Works conference was a lot of fun, although the car parking charges were not so much fun!

eating dinnerfast asleep

By the time I had got home from work the girls were asleep, it was very late.  I took the girls out for dinner after swimming on the Saturday.  My eldest really loved my curry!

Week 3

full of coldsunday lunchsleep

We went out for Sunday lunch, and I could not believe the size of the children's portions.  Neither girl ate very much and neither did I, we were all feeling under the weather.  Monday the dreaded cold struck.  The girls and I spent the day in bed, thankfully my Mum came to help.  The virus stayed put all week and we spent the week in bed.

sisters holding handswatching filmscheeky face

 The girls felt better on Wednesday, although I still felt rough.  We watched rather a lot of DVDs but that also meant we had lots of cuddles.  I lost my voice on Thursday and the girls took full advantage, yes that is a cheeky face.  I managed to drive for the first time during the week and picked the girls up from nursery.  I loved it when we got home and turned round to see them holding hands.


I got rather annoyed with the supermarket only having trolleys with single seats, this meant my eldest had to sit in the trolley with the shopping.  She did not seem to mind and kept putting the shopping round her and building a den.

Week 4

jumping in mudplaying in boxesindoor picnic

 I was starting to feel a little crazy sat in the house so decided to get some fresh air with the girls.  My eldest had lots of fun jumping in the muddy puddles.  Watching her play really cheered me up and made me feel better.  The girls had an in door picnic after nursery on Monday and spent Tuesday evening playing in a large card board box!  

playing nicethe doglook at those eyes

 I figured I should probably take a picture of the dog.  This was the look of my youngest in her I 'don't want to go to nursery'.  The girls spent some time playing together which is always lovely to watch.

bird watching

We took part in the RSPB bird watch survey and my eldest took great pride in marking off the birds as we saw them.

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  1. Wow, that was a mammoth post to put together! Some lovely shots of your girls, you've definitely been busy!

  2. i am glad you guys have seen of the lurgy and i do hope your all feeling 100% well again honey x

  3. Glad to see you're all starting to feel better, I can see why you've fallen behind. Wow that's an expensive car park! x

  4. That is a lot of photos for one big post. Work looks fun!

  5. Sorry to hear you've been feeling poorly for so long. Lovely photos though!


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