Weekend Fun

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 Its been one of those wet and windy weekends again.  The weather has been nice and then turning in a split second.  I asked my girls what they wanted to do, but they could not decide.  They thought about it for ages in the shower

Thoughtful shower

Until they finally decided that they wanted to play in the garden.  We wrapped up warm and ventured outside.  The winter sun appeared as the girls laughed and giggled on the trampoline

winter sun smiles

The girls had lots of fun in the garden, its been a while since we have had a break in the wet weather and illness to be able to get out and enjoy ourselves.  My youngest kept watch from the castle.  She did not want any of the pirates to come.

on guard in castle

It was however too late, the pirates had sailed their ship and found her.  Ahoy! they cried!


The girls enjoyed playing their pirate games and then they spotted something on the floor.  Some very tiny foot prints.  

tiny foot prints

I think they maybe from our resident squirrel.

The wet weather appeared so we had to venture in doors.  This however did not stop our fun.  My eldest wanted to play the farm game.  She has devised a rather clever method of playing the memory game.  She moves all the cards that are for her board closest to her board so she knows which ones to turn over.

playing games

It wasn't too long before there was a break in the showers so we seized the opportunity to go for a walk with the dogs.  Well we would not want to miss an opportunity to splash in the puddles and run in lots of mud!

winter run

This day I love Weekend Fun

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  1. I love that 2nd photo with the sun shining across your little one's face. Just so beautiful. Looks like they did really well with their garden fun between the showers. Thank you for joining me for CountryKids


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