Review : Wallies Wall Play

When I pick the girls up from nursery they are often tired, as am I after a long day at work, but they still want to play.  I don't mind this so much because I have missed them whilst I am at work but at the same time I am tired and don't often have the energy to set up our trusted and favourite messy play.  I am rather glad therefore that I have found Wallies Wall play.

Wallies Wall stickers

Wallies Wall play are not your ordinary wall stickers.  Wall play allows you to do just this, play.  It allows children to use their imagination and creativity to create wall art and have lots of fun thinking up stories around the stickers.  Each vinyl sticker is easily removed from the backing paper and placed on the wall wherever your child desires.  It doesn't stop there because each sticker can then be removed easily from the wall and placed any where you want again and again.

doll house stickerpeeling stickers

The range of Wall play includes doll houses, transport, dress up dolls, aquariums and a princess land to name a few.  We were given the doll house and about town to play with and it has been a huge hit with both girls, but in particular my eldest.  

about town stickerscreating town scene

My eldest took an instant shine to the dolls house.  She readily goes up to it and asks to put the lady in the bath, or she is taking the dog for a walk.  Her imagination runs wild with the stories she creates and talks me through.  At 3 years old she has no problem removing the stickers and replacing them on the wall and she loves that she can be this creative.  I love watching her play and after several weeks of rather a lot of play with the stickers she has not yet torn one or removed any paint from my walls.

moving stickercreating scenereplacing stickers

I really love the Wall play stickers.  They are of a great quality and the girls enjoy playing with them.  They are ready set up play that can be returned to again and again, allowing my girls to use their imagination and to be creative.  Wall play stickers are great on an evening when the girls get home from nursery and want to play and I love listening to the stories they create with them.

The finished story

 We were sent a dolls house and about town Wallies wall play stickers for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.

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