Review : Britax King II LS

This week it is National Child safety week and I thought it would be the perfect time to write the review for our Britax King II LS.  I published earlier the general statistics for the Britax King II LS which you can see here.  I want to focus here more about our experience of using the Britax King II LS and would also like to make it clear that I have not tested how the car seat would be in a crash.  I will be writing a separate post and hopefully a You tube video on installation.

Britax King II LS

The Britax King II LS comes fully assembled and can therefore be used straight from the box.  I was impressed with the number of different languages the instruction books came in and also that they could be stored on the seat itself.  I often misplace instruction books so this was a great benefit.

Britax store instruction manualBritax instruction manuals King II LS

The installation was very easy to follow, and I shall write more about how to install the seat in a later post.  I managed to install within 10 minutes and subsequent installations are much faster.  I have noticed that the installation is easier in cars with a higher roof as its easier to lift the seat up.

The look and feel of the Britax King II LS is really sleek.  I love the tough looking outer shell which is also wipe clean and the seat feels lovely and padded.  There appears to be a lot of protection around the head and as the head rest is adjustable it can easily be moved into the correct position.

Adjustable headrest Britax King II LS

The seat itself weighs just over 10Kg so it is relatively easy to move between cars.  The padded material of the seat is soft and feels comfortable.  There is a slight snag in that sometimes the back of the seat padding can twist round, exposing the interior shell.  It is not a huge problem as you can simply twist the padding back round but it is worth noting to make sure the child is fitted in the seat correctly.

We recently did a 5 hour car journey with my youngest in the Britax King II LS.  She usually does not like being in the car but we had no problems.  In fact she fell asleep

Sleeping in Britax KIng II LS

In fact falling asleep in the Britax King II LS is a rather common theme.

Recline function Britax King II LS

There is a really handy lever just under the seat near where the feet of the child is which reclines the seat.  The recline is very smooth and so has not yet woken up my daughter.  You maybe able to see the recline in the above picture.  The seat moves within its own shell and therefore does not take up additional space in the car.  I have also noticed that my daughters head does not seem to fall forward as much in the Britax King II LS when she is asleep as what it has in other seats.  She appears to have a lovely deep sleep and her head is always back against the head rest.

The unique point of the Britax King II LS is the light and sound click.  To adjust the seat harness ,you either press a button under the seat and pull the straps to loosen, to tighten you pull the strap between the child's legs.

Adjustable strap and button

When the harness is tight enough there is an audible click and a green light

This a great way to check that the harness is tight enough.  I still do the pinch check on the straps just to make sure, as if my daughter has sat forward the harness would be too loose.  99% of the time the audible click and light needs no further adjustment.  What this has meant is that my daughter who used to constantly take her arms out of the straps, has so far in the past 2 months never managed to get her arms out of the straps.  I think this is partly down to the secure fit but also the padding on the shoulder straps meaning that she is comfortable with the straps over her shoulders.

Padded shoulder harness

My daughter appears to be comfortable in the Britax King II LS.  I wanted to trial on both long and short journeys before writing this review and give it at least a month to pick up any snags or little niggles.  If I am honest other than the little niggle I have already mentioned the only other thing is the adjustable strap can be quite long and it simply dangles to the floor.  I have caught my daughter playing with this and I just think it would be more in keeping with the sleek design to have somewhere to store this.  It in no way alters the performance of the seat and it is probably me just being a little picky.

In both the hot and the cold weather my daughter has been comfortable in the seat.  I feel she is well protected and because I find the seat simple to install I am confident it would perform as intended in a crash, although I am hoping I never have to find out.  My daughter is very happy with her Britax King II LS and one of her favourite games to play in the car is Peekaboo.

Hiding in Britax Car seatPeekaboo in car seat

I have found the Britax King II LS really simple to use.  I changed cars and have had no problems moving between cars.  The extra hard shell gives the seat a really sleek look and it is easy to keep clean.  The smooth adjustable recline has meant my daughter can fall asleep in comfort without being woken up and thanks to the unique light and sound indicator I have found securing her in the seat incredibly easy with great reassurance.  I can really understand why Britax gave this car seat the name King.

I had to include this picture in this post as whilst I was trying to take photos of my youngest in the seat, my eldest had other ideas and it simply is my #king moment!

Photo bomb Britax King II LS

We were sent a Britax King II LS to review, all words and opinions are my own.

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