Creative Messy play shopping list

It is perhaps no secret that the girls love messy play and to be creative.  I often save things I find like card board boxes, ribbon and buttons to help the girls with their crafty creative messy play and often visit charity shops to pick up other little bits.  I do however have a little secret shop I like to visit for my creative messy play supplies.  It perhaps is not the first place you would think of for creative messy play but it is packed full of items to aid creative messy play.

Viking supplies

Viking-Direct is my creative messy play shop.  To give you an idea of the things I have ordered from there I wanted to set up a creative messy play shopping list and hopefully give you a few ideas.

1. Mister Maker Doodle Drawers

The Mister Maker Doodle drawers is based on the Cbeebies program Mister Maker.  The drawers contain multiple bits such as googly eyes, pipe cleaners, tissue paper and wooden sticks.  All those little bits that can help make a messy play creative project.  The nice thing about the Doodle drawer is that it can be customised with stickers and it holds all the little pieces in one place.

Creative play with Mister Maker

2. Coloured Paper

Coloured paper is perfect for creativity.  Green paper can be cut to make grass for example and black paper can be used to chalk on.  Coloured paper provides the opportunity to talk about different colours and I think sometimes just makes pictures a little bit special.

3. Glue and sticky tape

Most creative projects need either glue or sticky tape.  In fact its impossible to complete most creative ideas without them.  Glue comes in a wide variety of types and it is best to choose according to the project.  I like to buy the pre cut tape as it means the girls can use tape without the need for scissors.

Creative project to make peacock

4. Chalk

I love chalk.  It has so many possibilities.  You can use it outdoors when it is sunny to draw on the floor or even the walls.  It is great to practise drawing letters, shapes and numbers and a great way to draw pictures.  It is lovely to draw games such as hop scotch and play these too.  For indoor play if you have black paper you can use this to chalk on.  Which means that you are able to chalk whatever the weather.  I find it much easier to clean up than paint.  The girls have egg shaped chalk.  It fits into an egg box which I find rather fun.  The girls like the shape as its easier to grip and doesn't snap as easily as some chalk can.

Chalk on black paperChalk outdoorsEgg Chalk

5. Sand

Sand is so much fun for messy play.  It can be used to create landscapes and just for general digging.  It is also possible to buy coloured sand which is also great for getting creative and having fun in too.  Sand is great for exploring different textures and great for the imagination.

Using sand for messy play

I would love to know what would be on your creative messy play shopping list and where do you find your supplies from?

This post is written in partnership with Viking-Direct, all words and opinions are my own.

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