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I have a huge sweet tooth, I think everyone knows that by now. One thing I cannot resist is sweets, in particular marshmallows. At our wedding day our centre pieces were jars filled with marshmallows for our guests to enjoy. I therefore know my marshmallows, or so I thought.

At Britmums live this year I met a company who make personalised marshmallows, boomf. In fact their original idea was to print your Instagram images onto marshmallows. They have since extended this so you can upload images or use Facebook photos too.

I really loved this idea. Imagine how great it would have been at our wedding to have had personalised marshmallows. It would have made great favours and a much better centre piece. I decided to give boomf a try.

My preferred choice of web browser is chrome and for some reason I was unable to select my images but when I switched to Internet explorer I had no problems. After this switch I selected images from my Instagram account and arranged them onto boomf. The site gave me advice onto the best photos to choose, those that were not too dark.  I found the site really easy to use and other than the issue with chrome has no further issues placing my order.

Boomf is delivered worldwide for free and mine arrived within a few days.  Boomf is designed to fit through the letter box so there is no need to wait in for it to be delivered.  I opened the box and was really pleased with what I saw.

The images were great and of a good quality.  I loved how they looked and thought that it would make a fantastic gift.  Although they looked fantastic the proof is obviously in how they taste.  The girls could not wait to get stuck in

They tasted great.  My youngest quickly showed one straight in her mouth so she could have another, and my eldest kept asking for more.  She did point out that it had her photo on so therefore it was hers.  It was difficult to argue with that logic.  I did manage to sneak one past her though, I loved them so much I am wanting to order another box.  They are vanilla flavour but not too sweet and are flavoured just right.  Great texture and they seem to melt in your mouth.

If you would love to create your own box of boomf why not enter my competition below.  Entry is open to UK residents aged 18 and over only.  Giveaway ends Wednesday 8th October at midnight.  For full t&c see Rafflecopter

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