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I remember going to the caravan at weekends and my Grandad always had a Thermos flask. I remember the plain design with the red cup, and to be honest it wasn't very inspiring and a little bit 80's. The image of Thermos has stuck with me through the years, I still think of them as the flask with the cup on top, so imagine my surprise when I saw the new designs.

The new designs are sleek, modern and I even posted a picture on Instagram with no one able to guess the brand. This goes to show the changes Thermos has gone through. I was sent two items from the new Thermos range hydration bottle and Stainless King 470ml Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler.

My husband is a huge tea drinker, in fact I think there is more tea in his system than blood. I knew the Stainless King 470ml Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler would be perfect for him. We recently visited Scotland and it was a 7 hour drive. We did get stuck in a traffic jam due to an accident. My husband made himself some tea before we set off and there was still some left when we arrived. As he isn't too fussy as to the temperature of the tea, he took a drink upon arrival. His reaction was brilliant. His face light up, it's still hot. He couldn't believe it, his tea was still hot. Yes it wasn't as hot as it was when he made it but it wasn't cold, it wasn't Luke warm, it was hot. He now takes his thermos Stainless King 470ml Vacuum Insulated Travel Tumbler everywhere he goes, and it looks stylish too.

I have been told numerous times I don't drink enough. The thing is though is I am never thirsty, if I am thirsty I drink if not i don't. However in an attempt to get healthy I am drinking more water. The Thermos hydration bottle is perfect for this. It features a handy slider to tell you how much you have drunk. And to be honest it's now become a bit of a competition. Can I drink more than I did yesterday?

I love the design of the bottle and there is no way I would guess it was Thermos. The lid has a handy clip which keeps it spill proof and it is a great size to pack in my bag. I have taken it with me running, walking and even on long journeys in the car. I no longer have an excuse for not drinking.

I was provided with both items from Thermos for review.  All opinions are my own

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