A Christmas sneak peak : part 2

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As you may have read in part 1, I wanted to give a sneak peak to some of the items the girls will be unwrapping this Christmas. You may have read the girls will be getting a wooden dolls house and a princess castle, I therefore thought it would be lovely to also get them some wooden furniture to go inside.

I wanted wooden furniture as the castle and the house are both wooden and felt it would work much better. Plus I generally prefer wooden toys. I came across the sweet bee furniture range from big game hunters and knew this was the furniture fit for a princess.

You can purchase the furniture for individual rooms or as sets. Each set contains 3 rooms, and I have the bathroom, kitchen and children's room set.

The furniture is painted in lovely pastel colours with great attention to detail. The shower curtain opens for example and the chairs fit neatlys under the kitchen dresser. There is even toast/bread in the toaster. The great thing about these room sets is that they can be played with anywhere. They don't have to be kept in the house.

In the summer I can see the girls playing outside on the grass or in the sand with them, and because they are such good quality they will withstand the play. Each item fits neatly inside the dolls house and adds that little spark of imagination to the girls play.

I am really looking forward to watching stories unfold as the girls play with the furniture in the dolls house.

We were sent the furniture sent to review.  All words are my own opinion. 

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