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I often struggle to get my five a day, as do the girls. It's not that we don't try it's just it often doesn't happen. The girls in particular go through food phases, I think it's all part of growing up. My eldest at the moment is going through a phase where she won't eat things with colour. She doesn't class white as a colour so mash potato, cauliflower and bread seem to be her limiting choice.

One of the ways I often like to get my five a day is with juices and smoothies. The Breville blend-active is perfect to help with this. First the box contains 4 separate bottles. One for each member of our family. The lids for the bottles have a wide spout perfect for drinking thick smoothies out of. They can be a little stiff to open and close but I hope with time this will become easier.

Making a smoothie or juice couldn't be easier, put the ingredients into the bottle then screw on the base with the blades. This has a lovely thick edge so you don't feel you are going to cut your finger accidentally. Then screw the bottle onto the base. Make sure the grey dot aligns with the lock symbol. There is only one button which can be held to blend or pressed to pulse. That's it juice made. Remove the bottle from the base and swap the blade for a lid.

I have started making juices for the girls when I pick them up from school, so they can have a drink in the car. There is no messing about trying to pour into another container to drink from so less mess in making. This less mess makes me more inclined to use. The Breville blend active can also go in the dishwasher (not the motor unit) which means its also easy to clean up.

The Breville blend active has the following great features:

  • Portable bottles, blend and go
  • 300W power
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Extra wide spout
  • Crushes ice
  • Bottle made with Eastman Tritan copolyester, BPA free, durable, lightweight, impact and shatter resistant, odour, taste and stain resistant.

I have been really impressed with how easy the Breville blend active is to both use and clean. The girls are getting more fruit and veg and are loving helping me make smoothies and juice.

Our favourite so far are:

Oat milk 300ml
2tbsp peanut butter
1 ripe banana
Handful of berries

This is a great protein shake and brilliant for breakfast. I often have this before running.

The girls love
1 strawberry yoghurt
300ml milk
1 banana
Handful berries
This is a great smoothie for the girls and one which is often requested.

We were sent a Breville blend-active to review.  All words are my own opinion 

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