Project 365 : Week 7


girls after junior park runThe girls are taking more of an interest in Mummy running.  I like to encourage this as I think it is great for kids to be involved in physical activities and to be active.  I found a local running event for children and we took the girls on Sunday morning.  They both loved it and have asked to go again


Walk in the eveningI accidentally broke my blog.  Which resulted in the rest of the week all spare time going into trying to fix it, which fingers crossed it appears to be.  After school I took my eldest for a walk, we both needed some fresh air.  We went in search of some muddy puddles and it was nice to spend some time with her


crating with carpet rightI attended a really great blogging event with Carpet right.  We were challenged to craft with carpet.  It was great to see all the creative ideas the other bloggers came up with and to put my creative mind to the test.  


Girls cuddled upI caught the girls having a little cuddle whilst watching a film.  It is lovely to see the two of them cuddled together.


snow dropsI finally found some snow drops!  


pomegranate chickenNot the best picture in the world, but I was experimenting with food and in particular pomegranate.  I made a pomegranate marinade to use over the chicken and it was really tasty.


Valentines Park runI started off Valentines morning on a Park run.  The course was lined with heart balloons and many of the runners were in fancy dress.  I got another PB and finally managed a 5K in under 30 minutes!

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  1. Well done on mending your blog. It's always very stressful when something goes wrong with mine. I do like your carpet crafting.

    1. Thanks. Hopefully the new blog layout will explain things

  2. glad your blog is fixed lovely what a stress! I love pomegranate :-)

  3. Yum, the pomegranate with chicken sounds good. What a pain with your blog going down. Always stressful.

  4. That cuddle between the girls looks so sweet and tender.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  5. Lovely photos! Pomegranate with chicken sounds amazing x

  6. Great they are into the running. Love seeing the sisterly cuddles.


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