Let's build a den

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Whilst on holiday Save the children held their den building week. The week aimed to raise awareness of how children in other parts of the world live. Many children took part in the event and it gave my two a perfect opportunity to unleash their imaginations and build a den.

At home we build dens under the table, with sheets and blankets and of course with card board boxes but on holiday this gave us a new challenge and a new opportunity to be creative. The girls had some creative ideas including building a den in the swimming pool. Logistically this was a little challenging so we opted to build our den on the garden.

Building holiday den
Our den may not have been much to look at but it provided a welcome shady place to hide in from the warm sun. We used sun beds and towels to build our den. The perfect holiday hideaway! The girls loved swimming in the pool and then hiding in the den. The den made a great adventure and was welcomed to play in whilst on holiday.

Girls in den

Did you build a den for save the children? Feel free to tweet me some pictures or share them on facebook.

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