A dream bathroom for the girls

Our main bathroom is used predominately by the girls.  My husband and I are lucky that we have an en suite so the girls tend to use the main bathroom as their own.  The girls however much prefer showers to baths, and our main bathroom does not really cater for this.  Whilst it is modern I think the girls would prefer something just for them

The girls would much prefer a shower bath which would give them more room to have a shower and more room to play something like these from Big bathroom suites.

The curve in the bath gives the girls much more space to splash and play and of course sing their favourite song, 'Let it go'.  Which gives me the inspiration for our bathroom, Frozen

To create the perfect ice/snow floor we would need some sparkling white tiles and for the walls we need to build them from ice bricks with splashes of Elsa blue

To give it a special feel I would hang an ice chandelier and paint snowflakes on the glass of the shower screen.  A final touch of a frozen inspired mirror would create the perfect space for the girls to sing 'Let it go'

Please take a look at more design ideas for my Frozen inspired bathroom

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This is my entry into the dream bathroom competition

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