I am Spotty Dog!

My name is Spotty Dog.  This time last year I was in the RSPCA after a person dumped me and the rest of my litter.  I am not a pure bred Dalmatian and but my Mummy loves my unique look and how I am the only one that looks like me.  My Mummy takes good care of me and she knows what I like and what I do not like.

One of my favourite games to play is hide and seek.  This is my favourite hiding spot and I often take things from the house and hide them here.

I love to join in the activities with my little people.  They love to play with me too.  I haven't yet quite mastered painting but I will one day.

Any food that is left in my reach is mine, or anything which smells like food.  I don't like it when my Mummy tells me not to eat things but she does give me treats if I am a good girl

 I love finding new things to play with.  When my Mummy goes shopping sometimes she comes back with these white rolls.  They are so much fun.  I can chase them and jump on them and they make lots of little pieces for me to then play with.  

Mummy loves to run and I love to run with my Mummy

In fact I get so happy I bounce all over

There is one thing though that I really do not like and that is water! It is my biggest #Pethate. My Mummy only has one photo of me in water.  When I was a puppy I fell into a lake, it was cold and I could not get out, Mummy rescued me.  Since then I will not go in the bath, the shower and I run away for any form of water, in fact I will jump over puddles.

Lucky for me I have a Mummy who loves me and so if I do encounter any water I know that I can cuddle up on my Mummies knee and she will make it all better

The RSPCA is where I started my life and I was fortunate enough to find a forever home.  The RSPCA help to protect those animals less fortunate them me.  By protecting your dog or cat with the RSPCA and their partnership with MORE TH>N Insurance, each policy sold donates £20 to the charity. 

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