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Thing 3 seems to be growing at a very fast rate, and perhaps a little too fast for my frame.  My skin is stretching and added to this the pain I feel from the torn abdominal muscles and displaced hips my bump is in much need of support.  I received a wonderful email from Secret Saviours at just the right moment and was very eager for my Secret Saviours package to arrive.

Secret Saviours is three products in one.  A multitasking support band, day gel and night cream and using them combined has helped to prevent stretch marks in 70% of women.  The support band has special pads which when combined with the day gel help stick to the skin.  The random pattern of the pads helps to prevent stretch marks from forming and helps to support bump and lower back.  

I was a little worried at first regarding this, wondering if the pads would perhaps feel too sticky against my skin or cause irritation.  I was therefore pleasantly surprised when I did wear it for the first time that I really did not know I had it on.  I do reposition the band to get it comfortable for me and my bump and as I still have my piercing in my tummy button I do sometimes have to re adjust in the day.  Somewhere between 8 and 9 hours of wear I do start to get a little itchy so I reapply some more of the day gel which takes the itching away.  I have noticed this more as my bump has got bigger, and so it might be time for me to get the next size up.

The support band does leave a rather random pattern on my skin, which is completely normal

The support band can be washed at 40C but cannot be tumbled dried.  To be honest though it does dry very quickly, I usually leave mine overnight and it is dry for the next morning.  

The day gel has a tacky type texture which is to help the support band pads stick, but you do not notice this once you are wearing the band.  The night cream is a real treat and has a relaxing aromatherapy style smell to it [very difficult to explain in words].  I really look forward to applying the night cream and have to admit to doing so several times in the night as it smells and feels fantastic.

Touch wood I have not yet seen any stretch marks forming and have been using the Secret Saviours products since 26 weeks pregnant.  Obviously the earlier you start using Secret Saviours the bigger benefit you will see.  With only 10 weeks left I am hoping those pesky stretch marks are going to be kept firmly at bay, fingers crossed!

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