Shopping online for Thing 3

As 2015 begins to come to an end it slowly is dawning upon me that in 2016 we will be adding another addition to the family.  Once Christmas is over with I only have 10 weeks to go at the very most until Thing 3 arrives.  I have been told that I am not allowed to go past my due date although this may change at the scan in February, when a delivery plan is put into place.

I have a few bits and pieces left to get for Thing 3 and the very fast approaching arrival and have been doing a lot of shopping online to find not only the best deals but also places where I can buy everything from.  I much prefer a one stop shop than having to get things from different places.  One such site I have been looking at is Online4Baby who offer everything I need.  

The range available at Online4baby really impressed me as did the 1 hour delivery slots and of course the offers available.  One of the big items I need is somewhere for Thing3 to sleep when they visit my Mum and Dads house.  My Mum used to have a spare cot at her house but we no longer have it.  Not wanting to spend a huge amount of money a travel cot would be perfect.  they could use the travel cot for sleeping but it could also double up as a play pen during the day.  A travel cot can  be folded away after use, meaning it won;t take up as much space as a normal cot would do. 

My Mum also needs toys for Thing3 such as an activity mat and general baby toys.  I have a few from when the girls were little but not many.  In the New Year I plan to look at pushchairs and car seats as this is the final big items from my list.  Having just bought a new 7 seater car we can now accommodate Thing 3 and a pushchair in the car.  We could not have done this in my old car.

Things are slowly coming together, I am hoping the flooring will be finished soon, then I can start unpacking the few boxes of the girls things that are left.  t maybe that I discover I need a few more bits, at least I know where to get them from this time!

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