A day with nothing planned

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy and manic but today, for what feels like the first time in forever, I had nothing planned.  After dropping the girls off at school Little Man and I took a nice slow walk home and he decided to take a nap.  It was pouring with rain so I decided to get some house work done, and after cleaning the entire house including bathrooms and the floors Little Man woke from his nap.  I even managed to empty the laundry basket.

I was feeling rather relaxed as I had no major jobs to do, and so Little Man and I played for most of the day.  Little Man has a new bear from Clementoni toys and we spent our morning playing and giggling at his new bear.

Little Man was impressed with all the different colours and patterns and soon worked out that by pressing certain parts he would talk and his tummy flash.

Sandy bear has 5 different interactive learning points.  ABC, 123, shapes, colours and music.  Upon pressing his tummy heart lights up.

Little Man and I played with the bear most of the morning, making up stories and having cuddles

Little Man kept turning to look at his bear and loved the flashing heart.

Every part of the bear was squeezed, touched and looked at.  We played together and Little Man played independently.  I loved watching his thought process in his independent play, as he worked out what each part did.  

It was really lovely just to spend the day playing with Little Man.  We picked his sister up from school and he fell fast asleep.  I then got to spend some quality time with his sister playing her interactive Disney princess puzzle.

I do love days when we have nothing planned and cannot wait for the next one

This day I love a day with nothing planned

The items mentioned were sent free of charge, all words are my own opinion 

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