Treasure hunt

My eldest was feeling much better today and she is no longer contagious.  I decided it was about time we went out of the house and that we would go on a treasure hunt.  We ventured into our local village, not far but just enough to get the girls out and about.

First item of treasure on our list was of course some chocolate.  We went into the local supermarket and I had my eldest help me look for the chocolate.  She had so much fun and was so pleased when we picked up some milk chocolate buttons.  We continued our treasure hunt round the supermarket with her looking for each item on the list.

After the supermarket, our treasure hunt took us to the local charity shop.  We were looking for some items to put into the girls lets pretend box.  My eldest found a couple of bracelets she liked for her let's pretend box and then we went into the Children's section of the charity shop.  It was like an Aladdin's cave of treasure for her.  So many toys, she loved it.  

One item stood out for her and that was a doll's car seat.  I wanted to get her one for Christmas but was unable to.  This car seat was £1.50, bargain.  I agreed that because she had been such a brave girl whilst she was poorly that I would get her the car seat.  Over the moon might be an understatement and she spent the rest of the day carrying it around.

When her Dad came home from work and asked her what she had done today she replied 'On a treasure hunt Daddy', Daddy asked what did she find and she replied 'Treasure, Chocolate and a baby seat'

Doll car seat

This day I love Treasure hunt

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