walks, ponds, ice cream and Pie

For the first time in a while we have had a weekend with nothing pre planned.  It was just lovely to spend some time with the girls and not rushing around to try and get to various things.  I had asked my daughter what she wanted to do first and her response was to go to the duck pond.  The girls and I took a nice walk around a local country park to feed the ducks.  Neither girl wanted to come out the pushchair though, so they both fed the ducks from there.

evening walkFeeding the ducks

It soon started to get dark so we headed back home.  My eldest was a little disappointed as she wanted an ice cream, but the lolly bus [see my very first post as to why] was not there.  The girls and I spent the rest of the evening playing.

My eldest had several requests for today, her first was to play in the garden.  I love this request as I enjoy spending time outside with the girls and it also meant we could start putting our pond together, which was my eldest second request.

The weather has not been great recently and since the pond arrived all my eldest has wanted to do was put the 'fish house' together.  As part of the renovation of the garden I wanted to not only encourage wildlife to enter but also really wanted the girls to have an area which we could have some fish.  The girls love fish and I thought it would be lovely for them.  However, two small children and a very excited dog meant I was very reluctant to put a pond in the garden.  That is until I came across the Blagdon Affinity Pools.  These are free standing units, with viewing windows and seemed the perfect solution for us.

Blagdon Affinity pools

Our Blagdon Affinity pool arrived from Swell UK, and today we started to put it together.  After getting out all the parts my eldest and I began construction

Assembling the AffinityAffinity parts

 Whilst the instructions are simple to follow, and in principle the construction is simple, there are only screws to assemble the unit with the provided screw driver, it was a little fiddly at times aligning the screws and ensuring they were tight.  We continued and managed to  build our pond.  However by this point it had got dark, so we took the completed unit in doors and will assemble the filter/pump and other electrics including waterfall and plant basket on another day.  I am looking forward to the finished pond and watching my girls enjoy the fish.

This then prompted my daughters third request, to do some baking.  After my eldest was disappointed from her lack of ice cream yesterday we had gone to the shops to pick her up some, and I wanted to do some baking that we could also have the ice cream with.  Yes I know its Autumn and its cold outside, but a lovely home made warm pudding with ice cream on is a great warmer and lovely comfort food.

I had decided upon an Apple Crumble.  First the girls and I chopped the apples, and then I heated them on the oven, just enough to warm them through, with a little sugar.

Warming apples

My eldest then made the crumble top.  I use 100g sugar, 100g porridge oats, 100g plain flour and 50g Butter.  These are then all crumbled together by hand

Making crumble

The Apple mixture is placed into a pudding bowl, along with a sprinkle of cinnamon and the crumble mixture applied on top.

Apple crumbleApple and Cinnamon

This is then placed into the oven at 200C for 30 mins.

Whilst our crumble was cooking, I also made a Chicken pie.  Which my eldest wanted a picture of a squirrel on

Squirrel pie

After eating our chicken pie it was time for our crumble, I got out our ice cream, Kelly's of Cornwall

Kelly's ice cream

and added two scoops to each bowl

ice cream and crumble

The girls were very happy

Youngest and her crumbleeldest and her crumble

The ice cream melted into the crumble giving a lovely warm creamy taste to the crumble which went lovely with the warm apple and cinnamon.  Great warming comfort food for a dark Autumn day.  The girls both went to bed with full tummies and both very happy.  It was lovely to spend some time with them and not having to rush around.  A really enjoyable weekend.

This day I love walks, ponds, ice cream and Pie.

I was sent vouchers for Kelly's of Cornwall Ice cream and was sent a Blagdon Affinity for review.  The thoughts and opinions are all my own.

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