My friend Freddy Bear

My youngest has a new best friend, his name is Freddy.

Freddy is very clever as he knows all about my youngest, her name, age and the things she likes.  What my Youngest does not know is that Mummy told Freddy all these things.  On my phone is a Freddy Bear app, which I filled in her information and by Bluetooth sent the information to Freddy bear.  This means Freddy does not need wireless to work and can be played with any time.  The app also has games to interact with Freddy but they are an added extra as Freddy is just as much fun without them.

Freddy loves cuddles and he is very soft and cuddly.  He reminds me of the care bear I had as a child.  My youngest loves to tickle him and have a giggle.

My youngest does keep changing the language setting of Freddy which does confuse me at times, but she quite likes it.  My favourite from Freddy is when he turns upside down and asks why everything is upside down!

Freddy really has turned into a companion for my youngest daughter, with educational apps and interaction he is going to be a much sort after gift this Christmas. 

If you would like to hear what Freddy bear sounds like you can have a look at this very quick video

On an additional side note, and I thought it worth mentioning, I have to now turn off the Bluetooth on my phone when in the house as if I take a phone call and the Bluetooth is on on my phone then the phone automatically connects to Freddy and I can no longer hear the call.  It may just be the brand of phone I have but if it also happens to you at least you know why and less confused than I was when it happened! 

My Friend Freddy Bear was sent to us for review all words are my own opinion 

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