A New Year and a sneak peak

My New Year so far can be summed up in 1 photo

sleeping J

I do not know what has happened recently but I feel like a walking zombie.  My energy levels have just disappeared.  After doing something small, like getting dressed, all I want to do is sleep.

We spent New Year Day at my parents house, and I would love to tell you what happened but I fell asleep.  Dinner was lovely the rest of the day is a blur.  The girls didn't seem to mind as they were off having fun with Grandma and Grandad.  I would love to tell you what happened on the 2nd but after helping the girls put on some fancy dress costumes and watch their show I fell asleep

Daddy played some games with them and watched some films.

On Sunday we got up early as we had a very special appointment to keep.  My eldest has not been able to come with me to any of my scans as they are always whilst she is at school.  My youngest however has been to all of them.  We decided that it would be nice to book a private scan so my eldest could see baby, and of course help with the sibling bonding.

The girls were incredibly excited to see baby.  It took them a little while to work out what they were looking at but once the scan was switched to 4D, the girls were amazed.  They saw baby wave, wiggle its fingers and even put a foot in front of the screen.  Baby was very well behaved, although after a little while decided enough was enough and put both hands and a foot in front of their face and would not move.

Every scan we have had so far baby has a hand by its head, this does worry me slightly for delivery.  I did check and apparently it is not attached so baby can move it should they desire.  Obviously it is a comfy position to be in.  The girls loved seeing baby.  We all think baby looks like Daddy and it would appear they currently have no hair.  Also like Daddy.  Current estimated weight of baby is 3lbs8oz which means they are predicted to weigh around 8lbs at birth.  

Thing 3 in 4D

We still do not know if Thing3 is a boy or girl, all we know is that so far baby seems happy.  Fingers crossed things keep progressing as they should.

I am now counting down the days until our next scan at 36weeks.  Not long to go until I see that gorgeous face again.

This day I love a New Year and a sneak peak

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