The first week back

I think the first week of this New Year has been quite tough on us all.  It is difficult getting back into a routine, the 6am starts accompanied with the dark and cold mornings are simply not helping.  My youngest comes home from school and spends the afternoon cuddled up with me on the sofa.  She is simply too tired to do anything else.  My eldest comes home from school and pretty much does the same thing.  

We then have over tiredness at bedtime, which results in both girls not wanting to sleep and it taking a long time before either of them falls to sleep.  The week is then one vicious cycle of tiredness, with nothing much achieved.

Youngest at bed time

A relaxing weekend would have been want we all needed, to refresh and recharge.  Unfortunately the girls had 3 parties to go to between them on Saturday.  I am not complaining they had parties, far from it as I love they have lots of friends.  Rather that we could have done with a lie in and a lazy Saturday.  

Sunday saw my youngest attend another birthday party and once again a busy rushing around morning.  After the party we made the most of the dry Winters day and spent time exploring the garden.  

eldest in the winter sun

The girls made the most of the time in the garden, making mud pies and playing on the swings.  The winter sun seemed to spark something in J as he had a sing in the middle of the garden, that or he was calling the squirrel down from the tree.

dog howling

I think we all needed the time outside in the fresh air.  Time outside just to feel the sun on our faces, especially after all the rain over the past few days and time to stretch our legs outside.  It might not have been the lazy weekend we needed but Sunday afternoon helped to recharge our batteries ready for the week ahead.

This day I love the first week back

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