Project 365 : Week 5


My youngest has out grown her toddler bed and so we built her a new single bed today.  This of course also meant we went shopping for bedding for her.  She loves her new bed and spent a while at bedtime looking at everything and taking it all in


A trip to the vets for spotty dog for another check up, one more check up to go.  I was going to pick a picture showing our day but this one made me giggle.  The girls like to borrow my phone and I keep finding random photos on it, this is one of them.


My youngest and I had a trip into London for the preview of the Cybex Premium range.  She was really well behaved on the train and loved looking at the new collection with me.  She even took the new Pushchairs for a test drive.


It was a rather busy day today.  I started with a bad cold and had little energy.  My youngest wanted to do some painting so I improvised with Mess free painting.  She had loads of fun and it kept her busy for ages


Snow day.


My eldest is wanting to help more and she loves to help in the kitchen


I am still full of cold and decided that a run might help me get better.  I hadn't been able to run all week, as I have felt really ill so I needed the fresh air and exercise.  Not sure it was a good idea afterwards but at least I got out and did something

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  1. Aww! What lovely photos! I hope you are all over your colds soon! I am coming down with one! Ugh! x


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